Top Reasons to Become a Cottage Interior Designer

There is fishing trips and then there is fishing trips.  Some people like minimalist fishing trips that involve a tent and a fire by the lake side but more and more people want more from their fishing adventures which is why more and grander cottages are starting to make an appearance on the shores of lake and dams.  Some of these cottages have the most luxurious and grand designs you have ever seen and are a place where anyone would love to spend all of their time.  If you are insane about fishing then it is time to start considering a position in interior designing so you can get closer to the lake on a permanent basis.

Top Reasons to Become a Cottage Interior Designer

Why interior designing

Interior designing is the perfect job for fishermen because it is a flexible position that takes you from one grand location to another frequently and allows you to meet with new people and do new things on a daily basis.  It is definitely one of the most rewarding careers out there which will earn you a fantastic reputation and a fantastic salary.

Why design cottages specifically?

More and more people are starting to invest in holiday cottages and more cottage owners are seeking out interior designers to transform their cottages so they can earn great income from rent.  If you limit your interior design category to cottages you will become recognized much easier and just about every cottage owner will start to use your services.  Plus you will always be close to the fishing waters where you can easily paddle out and have a small fishing adventure while you are working on a project.

Take inspiration from the top interior designer in the world

If you want to be the best then it is time to research the best. Juan Pablo Molyneux is one of the best interior designers in the world.  He has famous  remodeling’s all over America, Europe and the Middle East and his popularity only seems to be growing and growing thanks to his fantastic reputation. If you can become an interior designer like Juan Pablo Molyneux then the world of fishing will be at your feet and every cottage owner will be begging you to come and remodel their cottages.  The more reputable you become the more projects will come streaming in because when a famous interior designer like Juan Pablo Molyneux’s name is linked to a home, the property value increases dramatically.

How to get started

Qualifications – The first step is to start studying for interior designing.  You will need a degree in interior designing and other qualifications such as architecture can help improve your skills a lot.

Pro-bono projectsPro bono projects is a great way to gain experience so you will have some work to show others as reference.

Profile – An online profile of your previous works is an absolute must because fishing cottage owners from all over the world can view your glorious work and perhaps employ you.

Marketing – A professional marketer can do a lot for your personal business and can help you get your name recognized across the globe.

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