Tips for Securing Your Phone on Fishing Expeditions

The best way to enjoy your fishing trips to the fullest is by just leaving your phone behind when you go out on your fishing expeditions.  When you leave your phone behind you can focus better on fishing and you will enjoy the scenery, friendships and other activities a lot more since your phone won’t be a constant distraction. Leaving your phone behind is a great way to cure yourself of a terrible phone addiction.  But most people these days don’t own a camera anymore since their smartphones has a great camera and you really want a shot of that one in a lifetime catch.  Plus fishermen with families want to have a way for their families to stay in contact with them in case of emergency.  Leaving your phone behind might be great for enjoying your fishing expeditions more but simply isn’t practical in our modern techno world.  A much better solution is to get the right gear to keep your phone safe during your rough and watery fishing trips.

Tips for Securing Your Phone on Fishing Expeditions

Get an Izengate cover

The Izengate phone cover or phone case is a wallet like phone case that is perfect for securing your phone.  The case isn’t waterproof but gives fisherman a practical way to carry along their phone as well as some cash and a bank cards.  These cases close tightly to secure your valuables and have a strap which you can tie down to your belt buckle or slip around your wrist that allows you to carry your phone wherever you go.  The case also comes in different colors like black, purple, turquoise and blue.

Get a waterproof sleeve

If you are a fisherman that loves to get his hands and feet dirty and wet while getting that catch out of the water then a waterproof sleeve is probably the best thing in which you can invest.  Waterproof sleeves comes in different colors, designs and shapes but most waterproof sleeves are see through to allow you to still use your phone comfortably even if you have a touch screen.  The waterproof sleeves usually come with different types of straps.  Some are designed to hang around your neck while others secures around the wrist. With a waterproof sleeve you can carry your phone on your person and never worry about splashes.

Store your phone in a waterproof trunk on your boat

A great way to secure your phone is by storing it in a waterproof trunk on your boat since no cellphone case will ever prevent you from dropping your phone into the water.  You can still use your phone whenever you like and you still have access to your phone to capture your catches.  Family and friends or work can get ahold of you and you have your hands free to do whatever you like while fishing.

Consider leaving your phone in the cabin

The only way your phone will ever be completely safe is by leaving it behind in the cabin.  Leaving your phone behind will ensure you never drop it into a lake or river and you can still get to all of your messages when you get back from fishing.

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