The Top Hairstyles for Fishermen

Hair is probably the last thing on your mind when you are planning an exciting fishing trip, especially if you are one of those guys that aren’t too picky about their look.  But everyone likes to look great on those social media photographs and putting a bit of effort into your look is a must now that popularity and social standards demands men to care more for their look. Hair is an important focus point for an improved look.  Most men aren’t too keen on makeup, or even moisturizer for that matter, which basically only leave your hair and beard to focus on.

The Top Hairstyles for Fishermen

Care for your hair yourself

Most of these hairstyles require quite a bit of maintenance and since you cannot exactly visit the barber each and every week, it is probably good to learn to do basic trimmings yourself, especially for all of those faded looks.  You can visit the review Manly Matters where they clearly point out the best hair clippers and grooming tools that you can get that will help you maintain a great look at all times.

Top hairstyle for sea fishermen

The best look for sea fishermen is something curly and wavy.  Hair that can surge around and tousle in the sea breeze.  Long hair is ideal for sea fishermen and the man bun is an extremely popular look right now.  Combine your man bun with a faded undercut and you have the perfect modern and edgy but wild and wavy look.

Top hairstyle for kayak fishermen

Kayak fishers are more the clean cut, straight and narrow, body building type of guys.  A quiff haircut with hard fade is the best haircut that will go fantastic with your gorgeously toned body as you paddle across beautiful crisp lakes to catch some fish.

Top hairstyle for yacht or paddle board fishermen

Yacht owners aren’t exactly down to earth and promiscuous.   You don’t buy a yacht to fit in and blend.  You buy a yacht to stand out and be proud and to create a sense of elegance, luxury and class.  The best look for yacht fishermen is a clean cut style that will look groomed no matter which way the wind blows.  A pomp with a hard side part is the perfect elegant look for fishermen that want to enjoy the perfect appearance no matter where they go.

Top hairstyle for casual fishermen

Are you a laid back person that likes to hit the fish waters with your most comfortable shoes, a pair of casual jeans and just some old shirt you had laying around the house?  Well then a casual, care free look is definitely the top style to go for.  The top hairstyle for casual fishermen is a medium length hairstyle with no apparent side part or style.  Just loose, casual and wavy.

Top hairstyle for rough and tough fishermen

Want to show the world that you are the rough and tough type that shouldn’t be messed with?  Well then you are in luck because rough and tough is back in fashion and all you have to do to achieve this look is grow a thick but groomed beard, chop your hair into a pomp with hard fade and add some volumes to achieve a tough look.

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