The Best Places for Fishing Enthusiasts to Go Fishing

You love to fish. No doubt you have already tried out all the local haunts. You are probably hankering for some new adventures. You want to know where else you can take that rod and reel. And, we can’t blame you, there are so many great places to cast out that lure and reel in some incredible fish. So, we are going to share with you the best places for fishing enthusiasts to go fishing. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Before we start the list though, we have to recommend the Striper Express Guide Service based near Lake Texoma. Chris and his dad will take you out on Lake Texoma with their topwater striper fishing lures and you will have the time of your life. You will catch stripers while you’re out with them. And, since Lake Texoma has the world’s biggest striper spawn, there’s no reason to doubt the accuracy of that statement.  You will enjoy the extreme fights and vicious bites. But, there are some other great places to check out too, just keep reading.

The Best Places for Fishing Enthusiasts to Go Fishing

The World’s Best Fishing Destinations

You know you are eager to travel to some of the world’s best fishing destinations. Think about how cool it would be to drop a line at one of the world’s ultimate fishing spots! And, since we are including those located in North and Central America, it shouldn’t be too far-fetched to plan at least one of these in your lifetime:

  • Prince Edward Island- In 1979 a nearly 1500 lb Bluefin tuna was caught here. That should be enough to get the adrenaline rushing. And, there have been plenty of others surpassing the 1000 pound mark since that one.
  • Belize– One look at that water, and there’s no way you wouldn’t want to go here. If you are all about tarpon and bonefish, the waters there are inundated with them. And, we are talking about trophy sized fish, not the throw-back kind. Besides, they speak English there! Learn more about fishing in Belize.
  • Key West– If you have to ask why this destination is on the list, you have never been. There are reefs, flats, and blue water to please just about any kind of fishing enthusiast. And, there are tons of charters available if you’ve got the money to voyage.
  • Panama– Looking for roosterfish, Bluefin trevally, large sierra, or Cubera snapper? This is where you want to go to reel some in. Besides, you’ll love the schools of tuna that patrol the waters. And, there’s also wahoo and Mahi. Read this.
  • Louisiana and Mississippi Marshes– Red drum love these shallow water marshes. So, if fly fishing is your heart’s desire, this is the dream destination you’ve been hoping for. You can shoot for the seatrout and black drum as well. Marshes aren’t hard to find and there will be plenty of action waiting for you when you arrive.
  • Bermuda- Blue Marlin are the kings of fish in Bermuda. There’s also yellowfin tuna, white marlin, and wahoo. Besides, it’s only a three hour jaunt from the East Coast of the US. We recommend you visit between June and August, if you’re hoping for the big ones. Follow this link for more information.
  • Montauk- The season only lasts between September and October, but it’s fierce. Bass, stripers, bluefish, fluke, and sometimes weakfish, will make this trip memorable.

You should also visit the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, and the Graham/Langara Islands.

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