Take Out a Mortgage to Buy That Cottage of Your Dreams

Having your own cottage is absolutely splendid.  You can go on holiday anytime you like or perhaps just break away for the weekend for a bit of rowing and fishing without having to spend extra on your accommodation.  Cottages are fantastic for family fun and also great for longtime friends who seriously need to do some catching up.  If you want to earn some income from your cottage then you can also rent it out to the public or to family who would also like to go on a nice and comfortable fishing trip.

How you can afford a gorgeous cottage

You could spend years saving up for your cottage, apply for a loan at the bank or loan some money from friends but if you really want to stand a good chance to get the funds that you need instantly then you should consult with a mortgage broker.  Mortgage brokers offer higher loans at a much better down payment plans than banks.  They also charge no broker fees and have the lowest documentation fees to help you cut back on the cost of getting your loans approved and transferring your new little cottage to your name.  The best part about mortgage brokers is that you can actually negotiate the deal for a tailor made long term plan that will suit your budget.  Your best bet for the cottage of your dreams is to apply for a SMSF loan so you can borrow money to buy just about any property that you like.  For SMSF loans, the rent that you will earn from your cottage will also be considered to help you find a much more suitable payment option and to increase your chances of getting your dream cottage.

Take Out a Mortgage to Buy That Cottage of Your Dreams

Things to consider when you choose your cottage

Location – The location of your cottage is probably the most important factor that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for the perfect little cozy haven.  Your cottage should be close enough to home for convenient trips but should also be far away so it will actually feel like you are on holiday.

Scenery – You should find a cottage that has beautiful scenery such as near a lake or pond.  Your cottage should be far enough from busy roads so you won’t be able to hear noisy traffic.

Cottage – The cottage you choose should be neat and in good enough condition to provide a comfortable stay for you and your family.  Nothing diminishes the quality of a fishing trip as much as arguments about space within the cottage.  Choose a stylish and functional cottage.

Fishing allowance – Choose a pond or lake that allows fishing or allows fishing permits all year round so you can enjoy your cottage as often as you like.

Repair the cottage yourself – Some older and more damaged cottages have a much lower sales price than new and modern cottages. If you have some time on your hands then you could invest in a cottage that you and your family can repair yourself and enjoy a much more affordable holiday destination.

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