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10 Good Reasons to Take a Survival Knife Along on Fishing Expeditions

Planning your next big fishing expedition is quite exciting.  You probably cannot wait to start packing for your trip.  It is great fun to stock that bait and tackle box with lots of hooks, sinkers, extra fishing line, floats and great looking lures. It is also great fun to go shopping for fishing gear that you might be missing from your tackle box and to check out some of the latest fishing gear on the market.  While it is good to have all of your fishing gear with you on an expedition, there is one non-fishing item that you should always have on your person when you enjoy these trips; a good survival knife.  A survival knife will make your trip a whole lot easier because these knives have so many wonderful uses.  Here are 20 good reasons to get the Best Fixed Blade Survival Knife for your expeditions:

10 Good Reasons to Take a Survival Knife Along on Fishing Expeditions

10 Good Reasons to Take a Survival Knife Along on Fishing Expeditions

  1. Great for self defense

One of the biggest reasons to have a survival knife for any trip, let alone for fishing expeditions, is because it is a good tool to use if you find yourself in trouble.  Crime rates are soaring all over and you can never know exactly what to expect if you are fishing in a new location.

  1. Cut your fishing line

You can use your survival knife to cut fishing line that you can use to tie things down or hang things up around the campsite.

  1. Cut your bait

Cut large and chunky pieces of fishing bait into smaller pieces so it can fit better on the hook.  This will enable you to save a lot of money on your bait.

  1. Open odd things

Use your survival knife to open all types of things such as boxes, jammed doors and much more.

  1. Gut your catch

A survival knife is also a great tool to use for gutting your catch of the day so you can freeze all your fish up during the expedition or so you can make a wonderful dinner out of the catch of the day.

  1. Use for cutting meats

Your survival knife is also great for cutting up meats and other types of foods that you want to cook for the night’s dinner.

  1. Cut your food easily

You never have to struggle to cut your juicy steaks when you have one of these great knives in your pocket.  Slice through any type of meat easily and enjoy easy, bite sized meals.

  1. Do minor repairs

A survival knife can also be a great tool for those odd repair jobs around camp.  You can cut things, open things or do small repairs.

  1. Brush clearing

You can use your knife for brush clearing and create a perfect shady spot where you can sit all day while you are fishing.

  1. Make your own rod stands

Use your knife to chop some branches and make your own fishing rod stands so you can fish with more than one rod at a time or relax with a beer beside the fishing spot.

Fishing for Survival

We usually discuss the joys of fishing for fun, but there are instances that occur that require fishing for survival. We don’t want our readers to be ill prepared in a situation like that. And, therefore, we have created this list of important tips for fishing in a situation that is less than desirable.

Before you ever allow yourself, or find yourself, is such a circumstance, be sure you have invested in the best knife sharpener. Having a sharp knife is imperative to your survival, as you will need to fillet the fish you catch. And, you may even need that knife as a defensive measure. Ensuring that it is as sharp as it can be, is highly advisable. Picking out the right knife is a good idea too. We have some suggestions about that.

Fishing for Survival

Picking the Right Survival Knife

We are trying to prepare you for the potential to be in a life or death situation. If you have read Revelation you know that the end times will be challenging for all who remain. And, even if the circumstance you find yourself in isn’t as apocalyptic as that, it’s a good idea to have already chosen a good knife. So, here are some tips for picking the right survival knife:

  • Size- Choose one that is 9-11 inches in length. A 5” blade is suggested.
  • Fixed Blade– These offer greater durability than your typical folding kind.
  • Full Tang– That means the blade and handle are one continuous piece. They are harder to break.
  • Sharp Pointed Tip– Good for defense and hunting.
  • Single-Edged with Flat-Ground Spine– Use it to baton through wood, as a thumb rest, and to start a fire with a ferro-rod. Read this.
  • Solid Pommel– It’s the butt of the knife and can be used for light pounding.

Now that you know what to look for in a survival knife, it’s time to learn some keys to survival fishing.

How to Fish for Survival

Just about any body of water could be home to fish. And, since most fish are edible, this is probably your best option in a survival situation. It’s also a lot easier than trying to hunt without a firearm. Always carry a mint tin with you because a lure, some hooks and a decent amount of line will fit neatly inside. Packing an emergency fishing kit of this nature with you, whenever you go out into the wilderness, is highly advisable. Now, it is time to learn how to fish for survival:

  1. Pole- You can make one of these out of a limb. Use the knife you picked, to carve an indention through the circumference of one end of the limb or stick you have chosen. It will hold your line.
  2. Line– If you didn’t bring the emergency kit and you are near a lake or pond, you might get lucky and find some discarded line along the banks. If not, you can use: thin green vines, dental floss, shoe laces, wire, paracord, or any other available line.
  3. Hook- You can carve one with your survival knife. Otherwise look for: pins, needles, safety pins, beer tabs, paper clips, thick thorns, or nails. Learn more.
  4. Lures and bait– Live worms are great; you can dig for them. Bugs work too. If none are available, use something shiny.

If you have found this information intriguing, and want to read more about fishing for survival, please follow this link.