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8 Good Reasons to Wear Your Life Vest While Fishing

A life vest often isn’t the most fun piece of fishing gear to tag along on your trips.  These vests can get quite hot and sweaty, they can feel a bit uncomfortable and might just not suit your personal style.  A lot of fishermen venture onto the open waters without their life vests and in many cases fishing experts will even advice others against wearing this piece of survival gear because they don’t believe it necessary.  This can be a huge mistake that could result in drowning.  If you are fishing by kayak or boat then a life vest is a must for the following reasons.

8 Good Reasons to Wear Your Life Vest While Fishing

  1. Life vests save lives

These simple and often annoying vests may seem like an unnecessary precaution but they do save lives.  It is estimated that most drownings don’t even occur because of fatigue or the inability to swim.  Most drownings occur because of panic.  When panic kicks in your rational thinking goes out the door.  A kapok life vest will keep you afloat through panic until you come to your senses and a life vest is the only thing that can save you once fatigue kicks in.

  1. Accidents happen too fast

No fishermen is going to flip his kayak or dingy on purpose.  Accidents happen unexpectedly and incredibly fast.  A life jacket on the boat isn’t good enough.  It needs to be on your body because there isn’t going to be enough time to grab your jacket on time.

  1. Even the best of swimmers can drown

Having good swimming skills is not a good enough reason to skip on wearing your life jacket.  Anyone can get lost in a fit of panic and even the best of swimmers can get too tired to stay afloat if they are too far from shore.

  1. Life vests can keep you warm

If you are fishing in the winter or on the sea then a life jacket can protect you from catching a chill.

  1. Wearing yours inspires others to wear theirs

Any parent will tell you about the challenges of getting kids to wear certain gear and a life vest is at the top of the list.  A simple way to inspire children and even other fishermen to play it safe is by wearing your own life vest.

  1. Weather is unpredictable

Deep sea fishing is one of the most dangerous fishing types because the weather can be incredibly unpredictable.  At one moment you could be enjoying smooth boating with plenty of sunny weather and the next moment you could be facing huge waves.

  1. Currents can be tricky

Sea and river currents are often unexpected because you cannot see them before you hit that stream.  These currents can drag you down a river or deep into the sea.  With a life jacket you will at least stay afloat no matter how deep things get.

  1. They don’t look that bad

Life vests and especially modern vests will give you an adventurous look.  They don’t look geeky at all and contributes to those perfect adventure shots that you can share on your social media page.