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Document Your Fishing Trips with a Trail Camera

It may seem like quite a challenge to document your own fishing expeditions but this hobby can actually be very interesting and very educational.  A lot of fishermen love to capture their trips on camera.  These fishing documentaries are great reminders of a wonderful trip, they are superb for sharing your adventure on social media sites and a fishing documentary is always superb content for any fishing related blog.  When you are recording your expeditions you also might just catch that once in a lifetime shot that could trigger world fame.  Creating your own fishing documentaries is a lot simpler than you might think although it might take a while before you master this skill.

Document Your Fishing Trips with a Trail Camera

Document Your Fishing Trips with a Trail Camera

Get a trail camera

If you are capturing a film in the wilderness you need a camera that is tough enough to handle the wild nature.  Top rated trail cameras are a superb choice for making your own documentary films.  These cameras are ultimately sturdy and you can use them to capture various scenes in your expedition.

Great for DIY selfies

One of the best benefits of using these cameras is so you can video record yourself as you reel in that big catch.  Simply prop your camera against the tree and the camera will automatically start recording all motion and action that is happening.

Catch your night fishing expeditions

Night time fishing is tough to include in your documentary but can be done if you invest in an infrared night vision trail camera.   You can tag your camera along on a boat ride and record any catches you get after dark.

Capture fish in action

If you are fishing in clear waters then it can be a good idea to include a few clips of fish in their natural environment.  Simply prop your camera close to the lake and set some bait.  Your camera will do all the rest and capture any movement that happens.  You can cut out a few fish scenes and include it in your documentary.

Include a few photographs

While you are fishing you might as well grab the camera and start taking some beautiful photos of all the interesting things on your journey.  Take beautiful landscape photos, photograph your dinner and get a picture of that beautiful campfire.

Make videos from your perspective

Get a carry on video and do a few recordings from your perspective.  Glimpses of yourself cooking, hiking expeditions, beautiful landscape videos and short glimpses of everyday camping tasks can help create a wonderful storyline for your documentary.

Do a bit of talking

What is a documentary without a serious talk with the camera?  Record yourself talking about what you did the day and explain all the best highlights.  This can be a great way to integrate a storyline into your fishing documentary.

When you have all your video material and photographs, it will be time for the big edit.  If you don’t have video editing skills then it might be a good idea to ask a professional videographer to lay it all out for you in a short but very sweet video along with the right subtitles, narration and soundtracks.  Your video will then be ready for live streaming or simply for safekeeping as a reminder of your trips.

Best Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Fishing Trips

Fishing is a fun-filled activity that lets you explore nature and learn so many things that you would not in your everyday life. There is so much more to fishing than just catching the fish.  The whole point of planning a fishing trip is to go out, relax, and enjoy the peace that the water has to offer. There are numerous ways you can make your fishing trips much better and more worthwhile. You only have to be open to these new ideas, and you need to go out of your comfort zone for them.

Best Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Fishing Trips

  • Catching And Cooking

One of the best ideas to make your trip more enjoyable is to catch the fish and then cook it right there to eat it. There is just something about a fresh fish that beats everything about a home-cooked fish. If you are a vegan, you should go to the website VeganCookbook.com for more information on how you can consume fish. This site provides a complete guide on how to become a vegan and what are the beliefs of the vegans. You will also find out about the right ingredients list for your health if you are a vegan.

Vegans do eat fish. They mostly avoid red meat, but there are exceptions. The trick is to learn the various recipes and ways to cook the fish so that you can eat it easily. When you are in the wilderness, you do not have many options for cooking. The equipment that you carry with you is just enough to keep you living. You cannot afford a luxury meal. In such circumstances, it is always a good idea to keep a few recipes with you which you can follow on your fishing trip and make the most out of them.

  • Fishing And Camping

There is nothing greater than traveling to a water body where you can get good fish and can also spend the night in a camp. Camping and fishing go really well together because, after a long day of spending time on a boat with your arms at the rear and your legs arched forward, you need the time out to relax, eat, and enjoy. You want to spend time with the people who go with you. Your friends and family are the people that can make this trip enjoyable. Camping is also perfect for the health, so if you are planning a fishing trip, extend it to a whole weekend. Take time off from everyday struggles and just breathe the fresh air. You might have to take some extra items with you so plan the trip in such a way that you do not miss anything significant. Choose a location which is safe and also has beautiful scenery.

  • Go With A Professional

If you want to learn more about fishing and become better at it, you should go with a professional fisher who has been doing this for years. Although fishing is mostly done to relax, you can learn so much about this art and life in general. Fishers have a very different outlook on life which they like to share. You can find good fishers online, and you can book a date and time with any of them. They will charge you a minimal fee, but it is often very affordable.

  • Let Nature Take Its Course

The excellent way to get the most out of your fishing trips is just to let go of everything and let nature take its course. Do not think about the small issues that may arise on your trip or the boss who will get angry if you miss a day of work. You need to take time to contemplate about all aspects of your life. A fishing trip is the best thing you could be doing right now. Believe it, and you will know you made the right decision.

Finding The Best Cigar Humidor for Your Fishing Trips

If you value the quality of your cigars but have many fishing trips, then you might want to consider getting yourself a cigar humidor. Going on fishing trips will expose your cigars to high moisture levels if they are not properly stored and that will affect their quality. Good thing is that not only will the cigar humidor dehumidify but also humidifies the cigar in the case of low moisture levels because if the moisture level is very low in the air it will draw out moisture from the cigar making it too try. In order to find the best cigar humidor for travel, it is important to know what to look out for when shopping for one. Some of the factors to consider when looking for one include:

Finding The Best Cigar Humidor for Your Fishing Trips

Size of the humidor

Since the humidor s for travel, it is important that you consider its storage space as you don’t want something that is too big neither too small. That will basically depend on your individual need.  Most people would prefer a compact sized humidor since they are using it for travel.

Kind of seal used

A good cigar humidor should have an airtight seal so that it maintains a good moisture level of the cigars. It is important that the air is not too dry neither is it too humid. An airtight sea will help in preserving the freshness of the cigar. If the seal is not so tight, it may have a moisture leak which may make the cigar either too humid or too dry and that beats the purpose of the humidor. An airtight seal is therefore an important consideration to make when looking for a cigar humidor for proper functionality.

Cedar interior

The interior of the humidor will affect its functionality. A good interior makes all the difference and most of the times a good humidor will have an interior made of Spanish cedar wood.  That wood is commonly used as it is good when it comes to absorbing and retaining moisture.  It is also good at keeping insects and pests at bay which may affect the quality of the cigar.


A hygrometer is what is used to measure the humidity levels of the humidor. Some hygrometers come when they are already pre-calibrated while for others you will have to do manual calibration. A hygrometer will help you in doing monitoring to make sure that the humidor is at a desired moisture level and they also give you the freedom of setting up your humidor to be at your desired level.


Most humidors will come equipped with a humidifier since the main function is making sure that the humidor has the desired humidity level. A humidifier will add moisture to the humidor when the air is very dry to maintain the quality of the cigar. You should however keep in mind that not all humidors come with a humidifier and in some cases you will have to get one yourself.

It’s Good to Go Hiking on Your Fishing Trips

Fishing is a terrific hobby with plenty of positive health benefits such as reduced stress levels and more.  But fishing can get quite dull when the fish doesn’t seem to bite no matter what bait or fishing techniques you use.  For these dull moments a good hiking trip is the perfect solution.  With a good hiking trip you get to enjoy your trip to the fullest despite your bad luck with fishing and you improve your health a lot.

Improved health through hiking

Hiking is terrific for your health.  A good 40 minute hiking session at least three times a week will help lower your risk of heart disease, improve your blood pressure level, help you deal with diabetes, boosts your bone density, helps you keep your weight in tack and is great for strengthening your core and building gorgeous leg muscles. Hiking also has plenty of mental benefits.  In fact, a lot of research has been going into the benefits of hiking lately because this exercise has been found to improve your creativity and your memory by up to 50 percent.  Hiking is so good for your body that medical organizations are starting to adapt the programs of chronic disease sufferers to include daily hiking sessions for boosted health.

It’s Good to Go Hiking on Your Fishing Trips

Explore and enjoy beautiful scenery

Hiking is the best way to enjoy nature.  When you take a hike you can get up close and personal with nature, wildlife and you get a true feel for nature.  It is however important to leave your tech behind or out of sight when you take hiking trips because these distractions greatly reduce the health benefits of hiking and can distract you from your wonderful trip.

Find the best fishing spots

Another big reason to take up hiking is so you can spot a few new fishing spots that offer plenty of casting space, good seating, good shade and beautiful scenery so you can get much more out of your trip.

It’s all about your shoes

The wrong shoes can be a nightmare for hiking trips.  You can obtain sprains, skin rashes, blisters and the wrong shoes leaves you vulnerable to dangerous creatures like snakes.  Shop for a pair of the toughest hiking boots before you take on this hobby so you can be much safer and much more comfortable on your long walks. Hiking boots are not just good for your hiking trips but they are also great for all of your fishing expeditions because these boots will keep your feet dry and protected while you fish.  Hiking boots also has great grip that will help you lure in that big catch with your feet firmly planted on even the slickest of surfaces.  The boots are also great for fishing on steep river banks and during moist weather because you get plenty of grips to climb your way out of any sticky and slippery situation while your feet stays protected against thorns and other harmful objects.

How to Make the Best Coffee on a Fishing Expedition

Some people drink coffee because they like the taste, some drink coffee as a snack when they feel a tiny bit hungry, some drink it as wake up juice in the morning and some just use coffee whenever they need a bit of energy.  But for some people live for coffee.  To these people, coffee is the only reason or way to get out of bed in the morning, it is the only thing that makes them able to survive challenges, deal with difficult people and basically a day without coffee is a day without happy for these people.  If you are one of these coffee lovers that cannot stand the idea of missing out on your early cup of wake up in the morning or that cannot stand the idea of going on an expedition with bad coffee then you should definitely improve your wilderness coffee making skills with these tips.

How to Make the Best Coffee on a Fishing Expedition

How to make coffee without electricity

This is an interesting question and there is quite a simple answer to this interesting question.  To make coffee without electricity all you need id a camp coffee maker and your coffee ingredients.  You can use a camp coffee maker on an open fire or on a gas stove and create wonderful tasting coffee even though you don’t have any electricity on your fishing trip at all. And no, you won’t be sacrificing any of the quality taste that you do so love.  In fact, the more natural way of brewing coffee will even enhance your coffee’s flavor, especially if you are enjoying your early morning or late evening coffee beside the campfire while a light breeze freshens your senses with wonderful natural fragrances.  You can brew wonderfully tasty coffee and concoct any recipe when you use one of a wide variety of coffee brewers and boilers that are perfectly suitable for camping.

The best coffees for fishing trips

Buttered rum coffee – For this creamy cup of coffee you will need butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, ground cloves, ginger, nutmeg, dark rum, freshly brewed coffee and whipped cream.  Yes, it is a lot of ingredients but so worth the time and effort it takes to make and the aroma goes perfectly with fishing expeditions.

French pressed coffee – If you prefer simpler and easier coffee then this is a must.  You can take your elegant French press along on your camping trip or invest in a camping French press coffee maker that will enable you to heat your coffee directly on the fire as your coffee prepares.

Authentic Irish coffee – For this coffee you will need sugar, Irish whiskey, coffee, hot water, heavy cream and a glass mug.  Irish coffee is a perfect way to end off your day of fishing in the sun.

Italian coffee – Italian coffee will give you a great boost of energy early in the morning and is easy to make since all you need is chocolate shavings, coffee, hot chocolate and heavy cream.  Italian coffee is rich in taste, filling and divine.

Build a Tree House to Live in During Fishing Trips

Fishing trips are usually associated with minimalist holidays because all you need for a basic fishing expedition is some bait, tackle, your fishing rod and a few cool drinks.  A fancy and exciting fishing trip also includes a cozy sleep quarter, friendship, delicious barbeques and perhaps a kayak.  And if you want to make basic casual fishing trips even better then you can switch to better accommodation and what better accommodation can there be than a treehouse?  Treehouses have always been considered as a play area for children but recently the interest in treehouses gained popularity and today lots of cute even luxury treehouses can be found all over the world.

Build a Tree House to Live in During Fishing Trips

Why a treehouse can be fun for fishing trips

With your own treehouse you can afford more fishing expeditions because you have a dedicated living space for your trip.  Treehouses are also great for inspiring the rest of the family to go with you on these trips because let’s face it; who wouldn’t love to live in a treehouse?  Children would absolutely love the extra adventure and your wife would absolutely adore the whimsicality of a treehouse.

Buy property near a dam or lake

The first thing you will have to do is look for property near a dam, lake or water so you can be as close to the water and fishing source as possible but always remember to look for that special tree when you are scouting property.

Use Tree Surgeons to get the right cut

Before starting your treehouse you should get your tree and surrounding trees prepped.  Tree Surgeons WA is a professional tree cutting company that can get any tree trimmed according to your needs.  They can also help you with the removal of other unwanted trees and they can get your tree treated for any diseases or infestations that it may have.  They are also terrific for keeping your tree trimmed in the future to prevent damage to your treehouse.

Learn to build your treehouse

Different states have different rules and regulations regarding constructions and buildings.  Find out if you need to get house plans for your treehouse approved.  Once you have your approval, it will be time to start looking for ideas for your treehouse and to get the house plans drawn up.  If you are going to build your treehouse you then you will have to start learning and studying on the best treehouse building techniques.  Your tree’s strength will greatly affect the design of your treehouse because if the tree is too thin or weak, you will have to add additional support beams to keep the tree from getting damaged.

Time for action

Now that you have done your research and have shopped your goods it will be time to start constructing.  Constructing your treehouse can be great fun when you do it as a family and you and everyone that helped you will always have good memories to enjoy from such an unusual fishing trip.

Why the Right Garden Watering System Is a Must for Fishermen

It’s great to go on a long fishing trip with friends and family.  It’s good for everyone to get away from everyday issues and work stress for a long period of time.  On these long fishing trips you can teach everyone to fish, you stand a much higher chance at getting that big catch you have always dreamt of getting and everyone can get a good mental reboot to help them get out of unhealthy lifestyle patterns and to teach them to break the bonds of technology addictions.  But a downside to fishing trips is coming home to a neglected garden.  To see how your beautiful flower beds have wilted and your beautiful lawn is almost gone after being left alone is terrible.  And then you get those house sitters that don’t really have a clue how to care for gardens… They over water and continuously forget to shut your irrigation systems off which results in plants getting root rotting and an incredibly expensive water bill.  TLC reticulation repairs & Services Perth is a terrific solution for fishermen that love to venture on long fishing trips without coming home to a disaster.

Why the Right Garden Watering System Is a Must for Fishermen

What TLC reticulation will do for your garden

This fantastic company specializes in garden watering systems for homes and commercial property.  Here is how TLC reticulation will help you so you can enjoy fishing trips even more. 

Garden need analysis – The first thing they will do is analyzed exactly what your garden watering needs are.  Different sized lawns and different plants require different amounts of water and every garden has different water needs for different seasons of the year.  TLC reticulation will come out to property to see what your exact needs are so they can give you the best solution possible. 

Installation – They can install your watering systems for you professionally and without damaging any of your current plants or lawn. 

Repairs – Any problems you might have with your watering systems can be repaired by the company swiftly. 

Better plant care – The watering systems will care much better for your plants and lawn because with a good and controlled watering system your plants will grow much faster and healthier because they are getting just what they need.  No more roots rotting due to too much water and no more wilting or bad growth due to too little water. 

Hands free care – One of the best parts about these systems to fishermen is the fact that everything can happen completely hands free because the automatic water timers will ensure your garden is watered timely even though you aren’t at home.

Saves you money – By giving just enough water, you are saving a lot of money on your water bill, money that you can use for more fishing adventures.

Economic – The water systems are economic to families and especially to businesses and institutions because you can program your water systems to wet lawns and gardens during the late hours of night while everyone sleep.  By morning the garden will be dried off so everyone can enjoy a dry but refreshed garden.

Why Every Fisherman Should Have a Log Cabin

Fishing trips are great for so many reasons.  It’s great for getting out for a bit of fun in the sun, families can bond and everyone always relaxes and enjoys these sessions.  Fishing is one of the best expeditions for family fun because you can easily work in a lot of different activities such as kayaking, sightseeing, camping, horseback riding and much more in your trips.  You can have an action packed adventure by combining action sports in your trip or you can have a relaxing adventure by simply relaxing besides the lake.  If you want to get away more often and enjoy more fishing trips then it is time to get your own log cabin next to a lake.

Why Every Fisherman Should Have a Log Cabin

It’s like a second home

Owning a holiday home is much more than just a reason to get away more often.  It’s like owning a second home.  When you rent a cabin you have to abide by someone else’s rules and regulations and you have to do what everyone else says.  When you have your own log cabin you can do what you want.  You can decorate the way you like, come and go as you please and you don’t have to worry about tiding up or accidently breaking something.

You can go away whenever you like

Your own cabin don’t have to plan your trips ahead or save cash up for the trip because the log cabin is already paid for and ready for you to just arrive and enjoy.  You can enjoy a long stay or simply go for a night or two at the drop of a hat.

Earn cash by renting your cabin out

Log cabins are also a great investment because you can earn a lot of cash or cover your mortgage by renting the cabin out to other holiday enthusiasts.

Great for retiring

There is no better place to retire than next to a gorgeous lake.  With your own log cabin you don’t have to worry as much about the senior years because you are taken care of.  You can use your cottage as a retirement home and enjoy fresh air, long walks and beautiful scenery when you get older or you can rent the cottage out permanently as extra cash for when you retire.

Get inspiration from timber frame houses

Timber frame homes are some of the most beautiful homes there are.  You definitely should scout some of the timber frame plans by Streamline Design Ltd.  These homes are the perfect inspiration for the most beautiful log cabins ever.  With a gorgeous home like the ones built and designed by Streamline Design you can easily make a killing from rent or you can enjoy the ultimate luxury stay every time you go fishing.  There are an abundance of different styled timber homes to choose from and they range from small to large.  And if you still cannot find the ultimate log cabin design of your dreams then Streamline Design can design your home for you by working on your personal desires and ideas.

How Single Moms Can Afford Rent and Fishing Trips

The worst type of things can happen at the most unexpected moments.  Occurrences such as sudden death, a nasty divorce or an unexpected pregnancy can leave you wrecked and completely stranded and there is simply no way you can afford rent.  There are plenty of women all over the worlds who are in the exact same situation as you.  Life can be incredibly tough on single moms and one of the biggest expenses that you and your family who have to survive on a single income has, is your rent.  A good and steady home is also one of the most important factors because if you can’t give your kids proper housing, you stand a big chance of losing them when authorities notice your struggles.

How Single Moms Can Afford Rent and Fishing Trips

Never be too shy to ask for help

Pride is one of the worst things for single moms.  Your children should be your number one priority in life and not your pride.  If you need help then now is the time to speak up and start looking in the right places for the right kind of help.

The top places to get affordable housing

Housing for single moms is now a great possibility because there are several organizations that are doing their best to keep moms and kids together by helping mothers out a bit when it comes to housing and rent. As a single mom you can have a look at a few options such as;

Emergency housing – Programs like the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program or Camilus House can give you emergency housing when you are suddenly left without a roof but these organizations can only assist you for a short period of time.

Affordable housing – The Housing and Community Facilities Program (HCFP) and Family Unification Program is just two of the programs you can join to find housing in low income areas that have affordable housing.

Low Income Housing – Single moms who have a low income can enquire from the HUD Public Housing Program and more to see if they qualify for support or housing through these organizations.

Rental assistance – Some governments, the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities will try and help single mothers by paying a certain amount of their rent in order to keep families together.

Now you can take your kids on a fishing trip

After all the stress you and your family went through when trying to find a new home, you and your kids deserve a break.  A fishing trip is the perfect solution for single mothers because it is the one type of holiday that you probably can afford since most lakes don’t charge that much for camping.  Your children will also get a break from the tiny apartment since the lake will offer an abundance of fresh air and freedom.  There are several things you can teach your kids during a fishing trip to a lake such as;

  • Teach your children how to swim
  • Teach them how to camp with minimal equipment
  • Teach them fantastic new skills such as survival in nature, fire making and touch up on their fishing techniques