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10 Basics That Should Be In Your Tackle Box

Is it time for a short but sweet fishing trip with a few old buddies?  Well, then the great thing is that you probably don’t have to spend a lot since you have most of everything you need right?  Fishing is a great hobby for a few major reasons.  It is a good chance to get out of the house for a bit of adventure, fishing is a relaxing and stress reducing hobby and it is also one of the most affordable adventures that you can enjoy so go ahead and get your old fishing rod out, dust that old tackle box off and see if your tackle box is stocked up on these 10 basics.

10 Basics That Should Be In Your Tackle Box

  1. Hunting knife

A good hunting knife has 101 uses.  It is one of the first things that should be in your tackle box because there are so many things you can do with a hunting knife.  Your hunting knife is great for chopping foods, eating, cutting things, cutting your fishing line, chopping bait and for all sorts of small, nitty gritty tasks like cleaning your fish, chopping bushes away and much more. If it is time for a new hunting knife then you can definitely check out these hunting knife reviews where you can shop the best, most beautiful, most durable and most gorgeous hunting knives for your trip.

  1. Extra line

You probably have a good quality line on your fishing rod already but extra line is always a good idea, especially since it is so easy to make a huge mess of your fishing line if you struggle with a big catch or if your line gets caught.

  1. Extra hooks

Everyone loses a lot of hooks on every fishing expedition.  Stock up on a lot of hooks of all different sizes.

  1. Bobbers

You can buy bobbers or even make your own bobbers if you are looking for something fun to do while you wait for the trip.

  1. Sinkers

Stock up on some light weight and heavier sinkers so you can enjoy a hassle free trip no matter how many times you snap your line.

  1. Plastic worms

These plastic worms are great for two things; firstly you don’t have to spend as much on bait and secondly those squishy things are great fidget toys to enjoy while you relax.

  1. Lures

I know someone who tried to fish with jelly tots just because they were bored. Stock up on a few lures just so you can make things a little bit interesting when you start feeling bored.

  1. Needle nose pliers

Pliers are a must for managing your bait and tackle and can help you a lot if your hook gets caught in something or even in your skin – ouch!

  1. First aid kit

You know how quickly those fishing accidents can happen. A small first aid kit with some bandages, swabs, scissors, plasters, rubbing alcohol and gloves should always be in your tackle box.

  1. Sun screen

Throw your sun screen in the tackle box so you will never forget it again and keep your skin protected while you have fun in the sun.

Choosing the best fishing reed for your Fly fishing

You need to understand fishing elements, anchoring, and line management in order to choose the best reel for your flyfishing trips. In addition, you need to understand paddle features and reel accessories that will work for you on the long run.

Fly fishing trips will surely change your perspective about fishing in general, considering the fact that it can be more difficult than the usual fishing. For this reason, you can’t do without choosing a fly fishing operator or tour guide, with the best fishing tackle, as well as the most experience tour guides that will provide you all the necessary support to make your fly fishing time worth every investment.

Choosing the best fishing reed for your Fly fishing

As a fly fishing enthusiast, you don’t have to be close to the best fly fishing regions of the world before you embark on fly fishing activities, if you prefer the short-trip fly fishing, you can take the half-hour ferry ride that will take you to the exact point where you can begin your fly fishing activities. For decades, expert fly fishing operators, through their guides have been assisting family members and guests in achieving their aims of making their biggest catches, and if you join the VIP guest lists, you will have access to more fly fishing activities, and items.

For more information on fly fishing, click here.

When you get the services of experts, you will be able to fish all year round, even if fish species like tarpons can be elusive to the ordinary fishers. Similarly, with the supply of the ideal fishing tackle you don’t have to worry as a guest, even if you haven’t purchased your own fishing equipment. You may want to conduct your own little research and even check out what guests are saying about their preferred fly fishing operators before you make your final choice.

One of the best possible ways to judge the success story of a fly fishing tour guide is the rate of guest returns. If the company has higher number of guests returning for fly fishing regularly, then there must be a reason they do so and such operators are worth trying out. Tour operators with little or no return of guests may pose some serious risks. Aside from the high return rates, good fishing tour operators must have excellent knowledge of the local conditions that affect the availability of different species of fishes all year round- this may help people who enjoy fishing for some particular fish species all year round.

Being guided by an enthusiastic team of guides, is one of the most important factor that guarantees a fly fishing activity. Those who really want to have nice time through fly fishing will consider the issue of costs of registering as the last factor they consider when making their final choice.

When you visualize the high regards your buddies and family members will give you when they see your picture posing with large bone fish, you will definitely want to work with a team of experts when fly-fishing.

Interestingly, the most targeted fish species during fly fish expeditions are the bone fish, and the reason being that they are available all year round. You may also want to try out the snoek, tarpon, and the permit fish species at any time of the day because of their activities especially when the sea is warmer, and because of their high reproductive rates. While most people will prefer to indulge in fly fishing in the summer, some people prefer the springs especially when the rainfall raises the water levels and more fishes migrate to the bank of the river or sea.

Playa del carmen fly fishing guides are some of the best options you should explore if you want to enjoy your fishing experience to the fullest, and the reason being that they provide friendly experts who can handle all fishing situations and turn you into an expert fisher.

Taking Your Dog on Your Fishing Trip? Here are Some Safety Tips

Many people love taking their dog everywhere, including on boat trips. While you might think you don’t need to take any special precautions to take your dog along on your fishing trip, there are certain safety issues you need to address. So, before you fill a snack bag full of the best dog food for Yorkies, and pack up your pint-sized pooch for a day on the water, here are some safety tips to help make sure everyone makes it home safe and sound.

Taking Your Dog on Your Fishing Trip? Here are Some Safety Tips

Get a Life Vest

Yes, most dogs can swim based on pure instinct. However, that doesn’t mean your dog is designed to swim under all conditions. Wind, inclement weather, and a strong current can all pose a risk to your dog should they fall (or jump) overboard. A life vest helps provide them with extra buoyancy and can help them keep their head above water in an emergency.

Additionally, most life vests that are designed for dogs have handles integrated into the design. This means that, if your dog does end up in the water, you have an easy point to grip to pull them out. Otherwise, you may have trouble getting a secure enough hold to lift them back into the boat.

Plan for Water

If you are going to be on the water for most of the day, then you need to make sure your dog stays hydrated. This is just as relevant during hot weather as on cooler days, especially if your dog tends to be on the excitable side when they get to accompany you on a trip.

Make sure you have a water dish available at all times and check it often to ensure that there is always some fresh water available. Ideally, you want to keep the water in the shade, as this will help keep it from heating up, so your dog will always have a cool, refreshing water source when they need it.

Remember Sunscreen

Most people don’t think of their dog when it comes to sunscreen, but they can get sunburns just like a person can. Find a suitable light and unscented product with an SPF of at least 15. Often, sunscreens designed for young children will be safe for your dog as well. Just make sure to shield their eyes if you use a spray version.

Watch Their Feet

The deck on a boat can get incredibly warm, especially after it has spent the afternoon baking in the sun. And while most of the people on a boat might not be fully aware of exactly how hot it can get, your canine companion is acutely aware of the problem. In fact, if the surface is hot enough, it can actually cause burns on the pads of your dog’s feet.

To help prevent injuries, make sure there are shady areas available to your dog at all times. Additionally, bringing along a small rug can provide a cooler spot to stand when the surface of the floor becomes too hot on its own.

You can also purchase shoes for dogs. These provide a barrier between their pads and the hot surface and can prevent burns. Additionally, they may increase traction on slippery surfaces, such as wet decks or other boat surfaces.

As you can see, there are numerous precautions that should be taken to ensure your dog’s safety. Consider your pet’s needs before bringing them out on the water, and you will both be more likely to have a fun day out on the water.

Can’t Get a Fishing Trip Planned? Consider These Outdoor Activities Instead

Not every day is a great day for fishing. Maybe you have morning plans that keep you from being out on the water at the right time, or it simply isn’t the right season. Regardless of the reason, sometimes you need a great outdoor activity you can enjoy when fishing isn’t an option. Luckily, there is a wide array from which to choose. Whether you are looking for a family activity or options for some solo time, here are some that can help you enjoy your time outdoors.


One of the quintessential outdoor activities is hiking. It’s an inexpensive way to enjoy some time outdoors and doesn’t require any special skills to get started. All you need are some sturdy shoes, comfortable clothes, and maybe a water bottle and a snack. Then, choose a pace and location that works for you, and simply enjoy.

Hiking is also a great form of exercise that can lower your risk of developing heart disease while lowering your blood pressure and improving blood sugar levels. It is also an activity that is easily enjoyed alone or as part of a group. Just be sure that, if you travel alone, that someone is aware of where you will be and when you should return. That way, you know someone else is looking out for your safety should you unexpectedly need assistance.

Can’t Get a Fishing Trip Planned? Consider These Outdoor Activities Instead


Spending some time biking outdoors can be an ideal activity for families or individuals. Whether you have a local park, some great mountain biking trails, or bike lanes around town, cycling can provide you with a chance to relax or get some exercise depending on your goals. It can also serve as an alternate form of transportation on days when you don’t want to take a car to get some nearby errands managed.

Like hiking, it is important to make sure someone knows where you will be if you are heading off on trails alone. Additionally, make sure you have a well-fitted helmet, and that you wear it at all times. In some cases, wearing a helmet is required by law but, if it isn’t, it is still a good idea.

If you need to find a great cruising bike, check out www.cruisermcgee.com for some great information to get you started.


Another activity that requires very little equipment is swimming. All you need is an appropriate bathing suit, maybe some goggles and nose or ear plugs, and a location and you can be on your way to a great time.

Additionally, swimming is a great form of exercise. It is considered a low-impact way to workout, meaning it is very gentle on the joints. If you suffer from muscular or joint issues, a low-impact exercise like swimming may be more comfortable than many other options available.

In most cases, it is better to swim either with someone else or in a public area where you can be easily seen. Even if you are an experienced swimmer, swimming alone carries a lot of risks. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, then you may want to consider lessons to help improve your form, or restrict swimming to places with lifeguards, like public pools. That way, should you need assistance, there are employees available to help you get back to safety.

Fishing, an age old tradition

Everybody has been on a fishing trip at least once in their lives before. One of the most traditional and fun weekend activities you can find. Some fishermen say that it isn’t really about the catch, it is more about the relaxation while sitting at the side of the river, waiting for a bite. For some it is more serious than that, with specific types of fishing tackle, bait and other accessories. It is your choice how far down the rabbit hole you would like to go with your fishing experience. Here are a couple of tips that will enhance your fishing trip and perhaps ensure a bite or two.

Fishing, an age old tradition

Tie the right knot

The worst thing that can happen is after a day of staring at a steady line, getting that first bite and as soon as you start reeling it in the line snaps. Do some research on rigging the line right and try your best not to lose your first catch. Take a look here at different knots to tie.

Your lure should look natural

Be sure to move your lure naturally, it should look like the real thing for the fish to actually be attracted to it. Don’t go too fast or too slow. Find just the right speed to lure the fishes in.

Change the depth when you cast your line

If you see that you are having no luck in a particular spot, choose another to cast your line in. There are days that the fish might be swimming around in deep water and sometimes shallow. Every day will be different depending on the weather and other factors.

Practice different casting techniques

Don’t use the same method for casting every time. Look up all the different successful methods to cast the best line and try a few till you find what works best for you. There are a lot of specialists on the internet that offer great advice to beginners.

If you are going for the weekend or a longer period of time be sure to take the right items to make your camping experience fun too.

Pack the right camping gear to make the most of your trip

Gone fishing before? You will know that fishing is a game of patience. Pack your camping gear in case you decide to spend the night. That would include your tent, sleeping bag and all other amenities that are required. Be prepared for mosquito bites with a good repellant or take a look at the best mosquito trap to make sure you have a good night’s sleep that will prepare you for another day of fishing. Lastly but probably the most important advice, take a sunhat and some sun block, it is incredibly dangerous to spend the whole day in the sun while waiting for that illusive bite. Cover yourself and don’t turn your weekend into a nasty experience with painful sunburn to deal with after. Read more about the dangers of sunburn.

The Best Website to Enjoy During a Fishing Trip

When you go on a fishing trip you can spend your entire day in the sun and on the open water while trying to catch that big fish. Fishing is challenging enough to keep anyone busy for endless hours and is one of the best ways to relax and blow off some steam.  But fishing all night and all day can get a bit dull if you are there on your own or with just one or two friends.  The internet is a great companion that is sure to spice up every evening when it is just too dark and chilly to head to the lake.

The Best Website to Enjoy During a Fishing Trip

The best website to enjoy on a fishing trip

There is nothing better than relaxing in front of a nice and warm fire after a long day on the lake with your tab or smartphone and a great website to entertain you.  Reading is great for your mind and visiting an interesting website like canyoucatually.com is great for increasing your general knowledge and your social skills or for simply improving your mood when that big fish you caught got away.

Top things to check out on canyouactually

This fantastic website contains numerous fun and interesting articles about a great variety of topics such as art, design, OMG hacks, life, no sleep and hilarious things.  The top topics that you and your fishing buddy simply must enjoy during your quiet evenings are;

21 Hardest questions in the world – If you really want to get to know your friend or friends well then these would you rather questions canyouactually.com is what you need to be asking them.  Find out if they are your true friends by asking them if they would rather live like a king with no friends or family or be homeless with their friends and family?  Or find out if your friends would rather know when they are going to die or how they are going to die?  These 21 questions are hilarious and great fun.

Check out their hilarious page – On Can You actually there is a page that is loaded with clever articles that will simply delight you.  You can watch happy animals get a belly rub or check out some of the worst auto correct fails of all time.

Interesting page – If you want to expand your general knowledge then this is the page to visit.  You can find out what the most shocking crime mysteries of all time is or check out some of the craziest weapons that have ever been made.

Take My Money – This page is loaded with the latest information on the latest inventions such as the 3D drawing pen, the instant language translator or plant phone chargers.  Who knows, you might just find a great invention to help you along on your fishing expeditions.

Can You Actually is a great website to visit whether you are just looking for a distraction or trying to improve your general knowledge on facts or find some interesting things to talk about.

Things to Do While on Your Next Fishing Trip

Fishing is a hobby that many people are into, and whether you like going fishing alone or with your family, it usually takes a long preparation period to pack all of your important equipment, perhaps your lunch/dinner as well, and then to take everything to the fishing spot and then back. There are many things that you need to pay attention to, especially if you’re planning on camping near your spot overnight, and one such things to pay attention to would be the entertainment aspect of your trip.

Things to Do While on Your Next Fishing Trip

Planning for the entertainment aspect of your trip

Now that you have all of your fishing essentials packed, you won’t have to be worried about them. Pack the extra bait, your best fishing rod, a packed meal, perhaps, as well as your tent (if you’re camping overnight or just in case), water supply, and flashlight (because you never know when you might need it). Here’s a more detailed list of things to pack for a fishing trip http://matadornetwork.com/goods/essential-packing-list-for-a-fishing-trip/

If you are planning on staying overnight, though, what are you planning on doing about entertainment? You could fish until you’re exhausted, eat your meal and fall asleep, or you could also take your own entertainment devices and have a much more fun time while you’re spending some alone time with yourself in your tent. Bring a book or 2 with you, for instance. If you’re into reading, you will actually find yourself enjoying this experience of being in the nature with no one or nothing else but a book.

You could always listen to music, for which you could bring your iPod or some form of music player along with you, but will that alone be enough? Another excellent method of entertaining yourself would be by watching movies, of course. Download the Show Box app and find the latest movies as well as your favorite series to watch. If you have data connection in your phone, then you might just be able to stream your favorite movies, or else, you could simply download them while you’re at home through this amazing app and watch it in your tent and have a great time on your own.

This is just a simple suggestion, but there are also plenty of other ways to keep yourself entertained and busy while on your little fishing trip. Playing phone games the whole time can also be another thing that you can do to keep yourself occupied, but if you want a complete experience with nothing else but the nature and you and you still want to be entertained while doing that, then maybe you should just stick to our first suggestion of taking some books along.

All in all, these are just some of various different methods through which you can keep yourself entertained while on a fishing trip. It doesn’t just have to be for when you’re camping out overnight, as this also applies to when you’re waiting for the fish to bite.

How Get Your Wife to Agree To a Fishing Trip

There are some adventure loving women who do not mind sludgy riverbeds and camping out on tough terrains but very few women enjoy fishing trips as much as men do. They are often burdened by the trip and very reluctant to venture into the bug stricken bungalows. So how can you convince your wife to join you on a fishing trip if she is not the world’s greatest camper?

Fishing Trip

Consider going alone

Women who aren’t that keen on going on fishing trips will rather go on a journey with her friends or family than join you. Instead of declining all your friends on the trip or struggling through an enforced arrangement, why not try and compensate a bit and make a fun but separate journey for the both of you? They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and a bit of time off could be good for your relationship. Find out what she likes and book her and her friends into the best spa in the area for the weekend or spoil her and her mother a bit with a shopping voucher while you and your friends catch up a bit and enjoy your fishing adventure.

Arrange a combination holiday

If you are absolutely sure that you will not survive the weekend without your spouse then a great alternative would be to arrange a combination holiday. Book a chalet in an area that offers an abundance of mini adventures and get a few friends to tag along. This way you can spend a few days fishing and get back to the chalet at nights while she and her friends enjoy exploring other adventures like a spa day, visiting museums or beaches and tasting splendid wines. One of the greatest combination trips you can arrange is something near the sea. You can enjoy deep sea fishing and she can sip champagne on a luxury boat ride.

Negotiations are always good

Try and get your wife a bit more excited about the fishing trip by involving her in the arrangements. If she seems interested in fishing with you, then make it a great adventure for her by getting her her own fishing gear and perhaps allowing her to choose the destination or accommodation and negotiate the trips so she will also enjoy it.

A bit of bribery will get you far

If all else fail then resolve to jewelry. Shop Enrapture has a range of the finest and rarest jewelry that is sure to convince her that the trip is worth her wile or at least make her feel a bit guilty for letting you down. Remember not to make it too obvious that you are bribing her and refrain from mentioning the fishing trip till she is calmed and delighted by being spoiled and reminded of how special she is in your life. Once you are sure that she is content and absolutely in love with you, you can convince her in a calming and elegant way that a fishing trip is what you really want.