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Essentials You Need For Incredible Paddle Board Fishing Expeditions

Paddleboarding is one of the most enjoyed water activities in the world.  Thanks to inflatable subs, more people can get out on the open waters a lot easier and more affordable.  These inflatable subs are affordable compared to fishing boats and so convenient since you can easily transport and store them away.  Paddleboard fishing is also becoming more and more popular.  If you have been dying to go on an incredibly fun paddleboard fishing expedition then you should read on and find out exactly what to take along on your trip.

Essentials You Need For Incredible Paddle Board Fishing Expeditions

Essentials You Need For Incredible Paddle Board Fishing Expeditions

Fishing paddleboard

You will, of course, need a fishing paddle board.  This type of paddle board has the same basic design and look as any other paddle board with minor differences.  Fishing paddle boards are designed to be much more stable so you can maintain your balance better while reeling in your catch.  You can find the best fishing paddle board on OutdoorsChamp.com.  This review site features all of the best camping gear.  The information on paddle boards available for fishing will give you good guidance for choosing the perfect board for your fishing expeditions.

You need a paddle

You should also shop for a suitable paddle for your paddleboard.  SUP paddles look a lot like canoe paddles with minor differences in design.  Some paddles work a lot better with certain types of SUP’s but any paddle of your own height should suffice since this paddle to height ratio has the biggest effect on your paddling abilities.

Fishing rod

You just cannot go fishing without a fishing rod.  Get a fishing rod that is foldable or retractable so you can haul it around on holiday a lot easier and get around in and around the water a lot easier and quicker.

Tackle and bait

You should also take along a small tackle box with some bait.  Fish are not going to bite on an empty hook.  Invest in the right type of bait for the type of fish species that you desire most to catch.

Small cooler box

It can get pretty hot out in the sun on the open waters.  Take along a cooler box stuffed with snacks and drinks so you can stay energized and hydrated on your trip.


Stabilizers are great for improving your balance while fishing from your SUP.  These devices attach to the side of the board and give you a little more control over the paddle board

Waterproof phone case

You can use your phone for various tasks such as for taking photos and as a GPS but you should get a waterproof phone case and keep your phone attached to your person or paddle board.


Your paddle board will keep drifting around unless you anchor it down.  This is a must for enjoyable fishing.

Life jacket

Even the best of paddle boarders fall over regularly.  A life jacket will keep you afloat whenever you fall overboard and will keep you from panicking and drowning.

With these basics, you can finally get close to all of the best fishing spots and have a blast during all fishing expeditions.