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A Guide to Fishing for Beginners

You might have heard about the tremendous health benefits of fishing but have not tried it yet. Besides being a healthy activity, fishing is effervescent whether you do it solo or with a bunch of your friends. Your first shot might not be a hit if you try to do it without a little knowledge about how you do it. It is cool if you are having folks around who can guide you on this. However, if you are going alone or all your friends are rookies, we might be helpful to make this experience a success.

You would find here a guide on how you get started. Follow these steps:

Pick a place for fishing:

The spot you find should be someplace where you can spend some quality hours outdoor. Not all the watery places offer high profitability in catching fish. Therefore, you will have to keep this factor in mind while looking for a right place. Apart from going to public lakes, rivers, and ponds, you can add this activity to your hiking, hunting, or camping trip. Likewise, doing several activities at one trip is an experience.

A Guide to Fishing for Beginners

However, you would be a great benefit if you are camping somewhere near a water body. You do not only get to feel that sense of achievement but also get a chance to cook it on the grills for your feast. Put the fish on the grills and let the blazing coals do its work. In the meantime, hang a hammock chair on the tree and read your favorite book.

Don’t forget to take an outdoor hammock chair along to make the trip even more comfortable. If you do not have it already, get one from mission hammocks. They do not only provide you a high quality and durable product in affordable price; you also become a part of their wonderful cause. They help the people with disabilities by giving them work against far wage. These special people are the ones who make these beautiful chairs. You would get to see a variety of indoor and outdoor hanging hammocks on their website. You can also get all the other information on this site.

Get the fishing tools:

Sporting goods store is a place you need to hit for the right gear. Appropriate rod and reel should not shake your budget because you can get a good one at a reasonable price. A medium-length rod would be perfect for the beginners. Talking about the reels, they are of two topes; baitcast reels and spinning reels. The later one is appropriate to get started.

Moreover, the fishing line and the variety of hook should match your rod. A perfect fishing rod is even useless if the bait is not right. Prefer using bacon, cheese, worms, salmon eggs, and grasshoppers.

Time to catch the fish:

Tie the hook properly on your line. Attach the weights and bobbers with the line if the water is swift in the river or stream. These weights would keep the bait in the place where there is the likelihood of fish to be hunting. The next thing to do is baiting your baiting your hook the totally depends on the kind of bait. Pierce the bait through the hook 3 to 4 times so that it remains secure. Now, you can finally cast the line. Release the line according to the type of reel. The casting job is done, now sit quietly and wait. Do not make noise because fish get startled by loud sounds. If you do not get it in 10-15 min, try somewhere else.

The Best Places for Fishing Enthusiasts to Go Fishing

You love to fish. No doubt you have already tried out all the local haunts. You are probably hankering for some new adventures. You want to know where else you can take that rod and reel. And, we can’t blame you, there are so many great places to cast out that lure and reel in some incredible fish. So, we are going to share with you the best places for fishing enthusiasts to go fishing. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Before we start the list though, we have to recommend the Striper Express Guide Service based near Lake Texoma. Chris and his dad will take you out on Lake Texoma with their topwater striper fishing lures and you will have the time of your life. You will catch stripers while you’re out with them. And, since Lake Texoma has the world’s biggest striper spawn, there’s no reason to doubt the accuracy of that statement.  You will enjoy the extreme fights and vicious bites. But, there are some other great places to check out too, just keep reading.

The Best Places for Fishing Enthusiasts to Go Fishing

The World’s Best Fishing Destinations

You know you are eager to travel to some of the world’s best fishing destinations. Think about how cool it would be to drop a line at one of the world’s ultimate fishing spots! And, since we are including those located in North and Central America, it shouldn’t be too far-fetched to plan at least one of these in your lifetime:

  • Prince Edward Island- In 1979 a nearly 1500 lb Bluefin tuna was caught here. That should be enough to get the adrenaline rushing. And, there have been plenty of others surpassing the 1000 pound mark since that one.
  • Belize– One look at that water, and there’s no way you wouldn’t want to go here. If you are all about tarpon and bonefish, the waters there are inundated with them. And, we are talking about trophy sized fish, not the throw-back kind. Besides, they speak English there! Learn more about fishing in Belize.
  • Key West– If you have to ask why this destination is on the list, you have never been. There are reefs, flats, and blue water to please just about any kind of fishing enthusiast. And, there are tons of charters available if you’ve got the money to voyage.
  • Panama– Looking for roosterfish, Bluefin trevally, large sierra, or Cubera snapper? This is where you want to go to reel some in. Besides, you’ll love the schools of tuna that patrol the waters. And, there’s also wahoo and Mahi. Read this.
  • Louisiana and Mississippi Marshes– Red drum love these shallow water marshes. So, if fly fishing is your heart’s desire, this is the dream destination you’ve been hoping for. You can shoot for the seatrout and black drum as well. Marshes aren’t hard to find and there will be plenty of action waiting for you when you arrive.
  • Bermuda- Blue Marlin are the kings of fish in Bermuda. There’s also yellowfin tuna, white marlin, and wahoo. Besides, it’s only a three hour jaunt from the East Coast of the US. We recommend you visit between June and August, if you’re hoping for the big ones. Follow this link for more information.
  • Montauk- The season only lasts between September and October, but it’s fierce. Bass, stripers, bluefish, fluke, and sometimes weakfish, will make this trip memorable.

You should also visit the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, and the Graham/Langara Islands.

Inaugurating A Fishing Lodge

There’s a lot to consider when opening your own fishing lodge. You want to make sure that you not only construct a profitable venture, but also give your customers a very satisfying experience. For that, you need to make sure you have a suitable location, great fishing expectations all year long, proficient fishing guides and plentiful opportunities for the anglers. You must also have good provisions for taking the fish home as well as high-grade accommodations. You need to make sure your customers have comfortable rooms and bathrooms. Having a heated towel bar would give your guests the dream experience that they desire, because there’s nothing more satisfying than stepping out of the shower and wrapping up in a warm towel. To know more about bathroom radiators, go here. We have provided a guideline for opening your own fishing lodge in more detail below:

Inaugurating A Fishing Lodge


You want to have your lodge at a remote, protected bay that sees more sunshine and less fog than other coastal areas. We prefer that you do not go for a coastal land that features a temperate rainforest, because in such locations, rain can be expected at any time. You also want to pick a location that witnesses good average temperatures in the summer.

Fishing Expectations

Lingcod, Rockfish, Halibut and Salmon are very sought after. Thus, you want to inaugurate your resort at a destination that has excellent fishing opportunities all year long for Halibut, Rockfish and lingcod and a very consistent fishery of seasonal Salmon. Make sure you pick a location where these fish are plentiful and have a lot to feed on. You should be able to find locations where several boats release a large number of Salmon fish daily. Searching out for these fish will give the anglers a wonderful experience at your resort.

Guides and Opportunities

Train your guides to begin the day by drifting and leaping for fish like Halibut, but then you can switch to fish like Salmon. Guides should also be trained to jig for fish like snapper and lingcod, and they should fish within the surf line, along the gigantic kelp beds. Your guides should be trained proficiently, so that the anglers can have plenty of opportunities.

Provisions for Taking the Fish Home

Make sure that from your lodge, you have the catch of your customers filleted, portioned, and vacuum packed, frozen and packaged in lined cardboard boxes that are apt for airlines and that weigh 50 pounds or less. This will let your customers avoid airline charges.


Anglers like to start their day early, so make sure you offer a breakfast buffet at your lodge for them. Ideally, your guest rooms should accommodate 2 to 3 people. You could have twin beds or bunks at your lodge. You could also have attractive paintings and cedar-lined walls to give your rooms a beautiful touch and make your guests feel welcomed. You could also have bathroom radiators, fancy lotions, body wash and soaps. Letting your customers have a bar that is full service and comfortable couches around a stove made of giant wood would be wonderful too.

If you keep this checklist in mind when opening your own fishing resort, your venture is sure to be a profitable and satisfying one.

Can Fishing Earn You Some Cash?

Do you love fishing? Your passion for fishing can be a great way to earn some extra cash. Even though the pay may be low and the hours of work may be long, you can expect lots of time outside. There are some commitments that you would need to make if you want to make money out of fishing. You will require a large amount of knowledge and certain licenses to become a commercial fisherman. You will also need to look after your taxes and tax refunds disputes if you face any, but if you enjoy fishing and the outdoors, turning your hobby into a moneymaker would be a step in the right direction for you. Here’s how your fishing hobby can earn you some cash:

  • Write About Fishing: A knack for writing about your fishing experiences, best fishing spots, and about the kind of fishing gear to use could bring you some cash if a firm wants to publish it. Reach out to publications in your locality with “FYI” story ideas, such as methods to catch certain types of fish, or notable fishing destinations.
  • Become a Guide: Offer guided services to local fishing locations. You will need extensive knowledge and fishing skills for your job as a guide. Escort clients by taking them to your favourite fishing spots on foot, on your client’s boat, or your own boat, if you have purchased one. You could also work seasonally as a guide in holiday lodges. Make flyers and business cards to distribute at relevant places, like outdoor sports and fishing shops to promote your service.
  • Sell Fishing Supplies: If you create your own fishing lures, tie your own flies and build your own rods, set up a website or open a Facebook page to sell them. Try to form an association with nearby fishing and outdoor sports shops to sell your homemade products.
  • Turn into a Fishing Professional: You can make a lot of money by becoming a professional fisherman. For starters, seek out the advice of experienced fishermen. If you want to become, for example, a bass fisherman, you will have to spend some time learning the habits of bass and how to find them. This would require long hours in a boat, away from home, in all kinds of weather. Your PR skills would also be important if you wish to become a professional fisherman, as you would need to gather sponsors. You can also start up a small fishing business and catch catfish and even turtles at a local lake to sell.
  • Give Lessons on Fishing: Teach other people the nuts and bolts of fishing. Topics may include the best equipment for the type of fish you want to catch, how to prepare the caught fish for feasting, how to tie flies, and several others. Depending on how much you charge per lesson, you may need to provide certain fishing gear for your students.

Can Fishing Earn You Some Cash

Bottom Line

Turning your fishing hobby into a moneymaker requires a lot of hard work and commitment, but if you have a knack for it, fishing to make money can be very exciting.

For more information, visit: http://fishing.about.com/od/gettingstartedfishing/a/Jobs-Making-Money-In-The-Outdoors.htm