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Document Your Fishing Trips with a Trail Camera

It may seem like quite a challenge to document your own fishing expeditions but this hobby can actually be very interesting and very educational.  A lot of fishermen love to capture their trips on camera.  These fishing documentaries are great reminders of a wonderful trip, they are superb for sharing your adventure on social media sites and a fishing documentary is always superb content for any fishing related blog.  When you are recording your expeditions you also might just catch that once in a lifetime shot that could trigger world fame.  Creating your own fishing documentaries is a lot simpler than you might think although it might take a while before you master this skill.

Document Your Fishing Trips with a Trail Camera

Document Your Fishing Trips with a Trail Camera

Get a trail camera

If you are capturing a film in the wilderness you need a camera that is tough enough to handle the wild nature.  Top rated trail cameras are a superb choice for making your own documentary films.  These cameras are ultimately sturdy and you can use them to capture various scenes in your expedition.

Great for DIY selfies

One of the best benefits of using these cameras is so you can video record yourself as you reel in that big catch.  Simply prop your camera against the tree and the camera will automatically start recording all motion and action that is happening.

Catch your night fishing expeditions

Night time fishing is tough to include in your documentary but can be done if you invest in an infrared night vision trail camera.   You can tag your camera along on a boat ride and record any catches you get after dark.

Capture fish in action

If you are fishing in clear waters then it can be a good idea to include a few clips of fish in their natural environment.  Simply prop your camera close to the lake and set some bait.  Your camera will do all the rest and capture any movement that happens.  You can cut out a few fish scenes and include it in your documentary.

Include a few photographs

While you are fishing you might as well grab the camera and start taking some beautiful photos of all the interesting things on your journey.  Take beautiful landscape photos, photograph your dinner and get a picture of that beautiful campfire.

Make videos from your perspective

Get a carry on video and do a few recordings from your perspective.  Glimpses of yourself cooking, hiking expeditions, beautiful landscape videos and short glimpses of everyday camping tasks can help create a wonderful storyline for your documentary.

Do a bit of talking

What is a documentary without a serious talk with the camera?  Record yourself talking about what you did the day and explain all the best highlights.  This can be a great way to integrate a storyline into your fishing documentary.

When you have all your video material and photographs, it will be time for the big edit.  If you don’t have video editing skills then it might be a good idea to ask a professional videographer to lay it all out for you in a short but very sweet video along with the right subtitles, narration and soundtracks.  Your video will then be ready for live streaming or simply for safekeeping as a reminder of your trips.

Smart casuals and fishing expeditions

Fishing is one beautiful activity that always looks to have during the weekends or holiday. It is an old activity that has received lots of attention in the recent past with more and more young people embracing it.

What is even more astounding about fishing is the unique way in which fishers travel in packs and appear to have fun. Fishing does not seem very enjoyable whenever it is a one man’s job unless you’re an introvert.

The joy in fishing expeditions is experienced in numbers. Hence, if you are looking forward to having fun, especially if you have watched documentaries of the kind of fun experienced during fishing, you should also be seriously considering on your choice of clothes.

Smart casuals and fishing expeditions

You do not have to be the black ship in all the photos taken while at the fishing event. Get as adventures as possible with your clothes and still maintain a very fashionable look while at the event. For instance, wearing a nice cap and pair of nice trousers and a shirt could mark the difference between you and the rest crowd, and that is what you always aspire to achieve in any event. Thus, have a look at the following easy points on what to consider, while choosing your clothes for the fishing function.

Step one: Getting the basics right

While smart casual does not require much effort to pull that unique look. Less effort is required since smart casual attires are easily available from your local boutique hence the need for to consider the easy of getting noticed.

  • While Blazers have a unique way of refining your look, they do not apply in this case since fishing is an outdoor event that requires you to appear less formal.
  • Nice quality shoes that are not easily damaged by water are a nice choice for you to consider. The shoes should be probably waterproof to avoid damaging your feet in case of water spilling.
  • While shirts are an excellent outfit for many occasions, T-shirts would be a better option for fishing depending on your preference.
  • Finally, while chinos and a pair of jeans would be a perfect match for the occasion, you can try to get wilder by choosing a pair of shorts that is of good quality and size. For ladies, you can always choose booty short for this kind of an event.

Step two: Judging the occasion

Fishing expeditions have little to judge about; the fishing event involves your parents where you are required to wear in a given way. Unless, stated otherwise, dress in a way that impresses you or in a way that excites your partner if they are accompanying you for fishing.

Step three: Dressing up or down for fishing

Unless it is chilly, it would be inappropriate to have sweaters in your clothing or having a blazer included. Besides, there is little chance of you overdressing or matching colors in the way you would be mistaken for overdressing or underdressing.

For these reasons, get as wild as possible with your choice of clothes to ensure you enjoy the fishing adventure, and you do not feel restricted by your choice of clothes. What better way could you achieve this, other than choosing smart casuals outfit that best meet your needs.

Step Four: Customizing your look

While you want to get as wild as possible with your dressing, do not run the risk of losing your personality. Do not get to wear what does not suit you in the name of peer pressure. Always have the ideas that bring out the best in you incorporated in your dressing. Thus, choose what you feel comfortable with to ensure you enjoy the event you are attending. Avoid getting uncomfortable due to color choice or how tight your clothes might appear.

Build a Tree House to Live in During Fishing Trips

Fishing trips are usually associated with minimalist holidays because all you need for a basic fishing expedition is some bait, tackle, your fishing rod and a few cool drinks.  A fancy and exciting fishing trip also includes a cozy sleep quarter, friendship, delicious barbeques and perhaps a kayak.  And if you want to make basic casual fishing trips even better then you can switch to better accommodation and what better accommodation can there be than a treehouse?  Treehouses have always been considered as a play area for children but recently the interest in treehouses gained popularity and today lots of cute even luxury treehouses can be found all over the world.

Build a Tree House to Live in During Fishing Trips

Why a treehouse can be fun for fishing trips

With your own treehouse you can afford more fishing expeditions because you have a dedicated living space for your trip.  Treehouses are also great for inspiring the rest of the family to go with you on these trips because let’s face it; who wouldn’t love to live in a treehouse?  Children would absolutely love the extra adventure and your wife would absolutely adore the whimsicality of a treehouse.

Buy property near a dam or lake

The first thing you will have to do is look for property near a dam, lake or water so you can be as close to the water and fishing source as possible but always remember to look for that special tree when you are scouting property.

Use Tree Surgeons to get the right cut

Before starting your treehouse you should get your tree and surrounding trees prepped.  Tree Surgeons WA is a professional tree cutting company that can get any tree trimmed according to your needs.  They can also help you with the removal of other unwanted trees and they can get your tree treated for any diseases or infestations that it may have.  They are also terrific for keeping your tree trimmed in the future to prevent damage to your treehouse.

Learn to build your treehouse

Different states have different rules and regulations regarding constructions and buildings.  Find out if you need to get house plans for your treehouse approved.  Once you have your approval, it will be time to start looking for ideas for your treehouse and to get the house plans drawn up.  If you are going to build your treehouse you then you will have to start learning and studying on the best treehouse building techniques.  Your tree’s strength will greatly affect the design of your treehouse because if the tree is too thin or weak, you will have to add additional support beams to keep the tree from getting damaged.

Time for action

Now that you have done your research and have shopped your goods it will be time to start constructing.  Constructing your treehouse can be great fun when you do it as a family and you and everyone that helped you will always have good memories to enjoy from such an unusual fishing trip.

Tips for Securing Your Phone on Fishing Expeditions

The best way to enjoy your fishing trips to the fullest is by just leaving your phone behind when you go out on your fishing expeditions.  When you leave your phone behind you can focus better on fishing and you will enjoy the scenery, friendships and other activities a lot more since your phone won’t be a constant distraction. Leaving your phone behind is a great way to cure yourself of a terrible phone addiction.  But most people these days don’t own a camera anymore since their smartphones has a great camera and you really want a shot of that one in a lifetime catch.  Plus fishermen with families want to have a way for their families to stay in contact with them in case of emergency.  Leaving your phone behind might be great for enjoying your fishing expeditions more but simply isn’t practical in our modern techno world.  A much better solution is to get the right gear to keep your phone safe during your rough and watery fishing trips.

Tips for Securing Your Phone on Fishing Expeditions

Get an Izengate cover

The Izengate phone cover or phone case is a wallet like phone case that is perfect for securing your phone.  The case isn’t waterproof but gives fisherman a practical way to carry along their phone as well as some cash and a bank cards.  These cases close tightly to secure your valuables and have a strap which you can tie down to your belt buckle or slip around your wrist that allows you to carry your phone wherever you go.  The case also comes in different colors like black, purple, turquoise and blue.

Get a waterproof sleeve

If you are a fisherman that loves to get his hands and feet dirty and wet while getting that catch out of the water then a waterproof sleeve is probably the best thing in which you can invest.  Waterproof sleeves comes in different colors, designs and shapes but most waterproof sleeves are see through to allow you to still use your phone comfortably even if you have a touch screen.  The waterproof sleeves usually come with different types of straps.  Some are designed to hang around your neck while others secures around the wrist. With a waterproof sleeve you can carry your phone on your person and never worry about splashes.

Store your phone in a waterproof trunk on your boat

A great way to secure your phone is by storing it in a waterproof trunk on your boat since no cellphone case will ever prevent you from dropping your phone into the water.  You can still use your phone whenever you like and you still have access to your phone to capture your catches.  Family and friends or work can get ahold of you and you have your hands free to do whatever you like while fishing.

Consider leaving your phone in the cabin

The only way your phone will ever be completely safe is by leaving it behind in the cabin.  Leaving your phone behind will ensure you never drop it into a lake or river and you can still get to all of your messages when you get back from fishing.