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How to Move Your Fishing Cabin from Toronto to Anywhere

Fishing cabins are absolutely amazing.  These cozy cabins can save serious fishermen and their families a lot of money in the long run because you always have a place to stay whenever it is time to take a break.  The only problem comes when you are relocating.  How do you move your cabin, fishing gear, boat and all other adventure gear from one location to another?  This can be an especially daunting task if you are taking on an incredibly long distance move and especially if you are planning on moving internationally. In this article, we are going to share a few tips and tricks for getting your fishing holiday cabin and all your gear moved safely and securely.

How to Move Your Fishing Cabin from Toronto to Anywhere

How to Move Your Fishing Cabin from Toronto to Anywhere

Sell old or unused things

This is the most important step to take if you are relocating all of your fishing gear and your cabin.  Moving a lot of stuff from one point to another is quite expensive.  You don’t want to spend cash on stuff that is old, broken or unused.  Sell off anything that you can to lighten the load and to make your trip a lot easier.  This gives you a great opportunity to shop new fishing gear later on when you are settled back in.

Get rid of anything you don’t want

Don’t just box everything up.  Take your time to scan through everything in your fishing cabin and in your fishing gear.  Throw away anything that you haven’t used for a few years or never probably will use again.

Call a moving company

It is always best to use professional Toronto Movers to get all of your delicate fishing gear transported.  When you use a professional company you won’t have to worry about the packing and unpacking, you won’t have to worry about damages because these companies take special care with furniture and goods on the road and you certainly won’t have to worry about multiple trips.  All of your fishing gear, fishing boats, kayaks, paddle boards and more can be transported in a single trip and you never have to worry about returning the rental trailers because the moving company will take care of their own assets no matter where your new home may be based.

Call up a construction company

The big challenge is getting your cabin moved from point A to point B with as little damage as possible.  A lot of moving companies can handle large projects like this one but cabins often have to be dissembled for the journey.  Call up a construction company and get them to help you with the cabin.  They can dissemble it for you and will perhaps even reconstruct your cabin when you get on the other side.

Moving an entire cabin can be hard work and wood cabins are just never the same after they have been taken apart and rebuilt.  A much better solution is to sell your cabin and to buy a new one when you get to your new home.  You will save a lot of money on the journey and might just get a brand new cabin at a fair price.

Fishing Fan? Decorate Your Room With A Fishing Theme

Fishing gives a soothing effect to your mind when you are sitting near the banks of river or lake and surrounded by astounding landscapes. All this escalates your fun of casting a fishing line. All this fun might make you a fishing freak. How would that be if you could get the same feeling when you are home? Yes, that is possible with your bedroom with a fishing theme. You can transform your room into an amazing fishing cabin in an inexpensive way with the following ideas:

Fishing Fan? Decorate Your Room With A Fishing Theme

Fishing Fan? Decorate Your Room With A Fishing Theme

Paint and wood:

Paint your wall with the combination of blues, greens, and wood tones. This color scheme would give the feel of the lakeside cabin. If you cannot do this alone, ‘house decorio’ can help you regarding this. They are a pro in the field and have the best wall art ideas. You can pick from a variety of themes to personalize not just your room but also the living room, kitchen, guest room, or bathroom. Staircase wall decoration is also in where you can hang a beautiful family picture or showcase a family tree. A simple decoration could also work if you don’t have plenty of space.

You have an option f tropical wall decoration that you might like for other rooms of the house. This type of décor gives life to the tedious walls. To give a refreshing look, you can consider Japanese wall decoration with beautiful cherry blossoms. It’s not like getting like the idea presented to you. You can always have it in a mix of something you come up with. There are a plethora of these designs. You can pick one or make a mix according to your preferences.

As far as the floor is concerned, it should be hardwood or laminate floor that looks like a fishing dock.

Furniture and Fabric:

Furniture pieces should be simple and pastoral. Bed made of iron and wood is going to work great with your theme. A plain wooden dresser with decoupage fish prints and drawer pulls in the shape of boat cleats add to the originality of the theme. Use natural canvas panels as drapers with a rope tie-back. You can make half-cut boat shaped book rack that would give a classic look to the room.


You would need a lot of space for putting away your bits and pieces and other treasures. A trunk at the foot of your bed would help you keep your off-season clothes that you can easily access whenever you need. Your jackets, hats, and backpacks would rest perfectly on a wooden peg rack. You wouldn’t have to throw your electronic devices and other small stuff anywhere in the room because fishing baskets mounted on the wall give you enough space for all this. You can store your collection of fishing gear in a stack of tackle boxes. Similarly, display your photos from fishing trips in boat-shaped frames.


Now to give a finishing touch to your fishing-themed bedroom, use decorative angler gear. Fill your room walls with mounting rods and reels, nets, and oars. Put framed pools of lures, bobbers, and floats on a wall. You can use the door of your bathroom for more hanging things such as fish made from wood or fabric. Sting a fishing-related sign on the entrance door.


Above-discussed ideas are inexpensive, and you can apply all of them by yourself. These ideas would help you turn your room into a lakeside cabin. You can also invite your friends over and show them off your creativity.