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Fishing is one of the most interesting hobbies one can take up in his/her free time. One develops this hobby with time. It mostly intrigues a person when his friends or family actively participate in this activity. With time, a person develops an interest and wants to be a part of it. However, learning how to catch fish is surely not easy, and you cannot learn it just by watching others doing it. There are certain tips and tricks that you need to know of before actually trying to catch fish. Some of the main tips that you would need to get started with the new hobby of yours are as follows:

  • Get the basic knowledge:

Before starting this activity, you need to have all the necessary knowledge. If you choose a rainy day to go to the nearest river or canal, you might be making the biggest mistake ever! Also, choosing the time of evening to go for fishing is also not something you should be opting for. Morning is the best time to go for fishing, as you will find the best fish during this part of the day. Maximum fish can be caught at this point. Getting to know about the warmth and coolness of the water before choosing a river or stream is a vital prerequisite of fishing and has utmost importance.

  • You need to have the best equipment:

When it comes to going off for the first session of the fishery, you need to get your hands on the right kind of equipment. Having the correct equipment reduces half of the effort that you need to put into the process of catching the fish. Whether you are searching for the fish at the shoreline or the dock, you will have to get some basic equipment required that includes hooks, rod as well as the reel. For that reason, get a huge box and fill it with the right items. Some extra hooks, lighter, wrench and first aid items are what you need to have in your box for emergency scenarios.

  • Have some patience:

Finding and catching fish is not an easy task. You need to develop a lot of patience to capture the right amount of fish. If you think that putting together a hook and a rod and dipping it in the water will capture fish immediately, you are wrong! You will have to wait for a long time to get the fish trapped with the hook.

  • Buy the items:

Buying the equipment from the right place is necessary. If you do not already know about the places from where you can get your fishing gear and reels from, you should go to the website ReelWithStyle.com. This website comes with a huge number of options you can choose from. This online platform provides you with the best fishing reels you can ever get your hands on. A weak fishing reel can break while it is in the water. That would lead to a lot of disappointment and wastage of money. Buying the right reel is essential for a good fishing experience. Therefore, they a proper buyers’ guide is provided to the customer.

  • Have the maps:

Before deciding which canal or river to go to, make sure that you have the right map for it. It would help you in finding the required shops and markets when needed. To stay on the safe side, having a well-drawn map with you is pivotal.

How to Survive as a Castaway

Surely most of us have seen the movie, Castaway. But how could a fisherman actually survive if he somehow lost his bearings at sea, or sunk his boat and ended up on an uninhabited island? These are the kinds of questions that avid fisherman should be asking. It is important to know how to keep yourself alive if anything out of the ordinary should arise while you’re out on the big blue fishing. It’s time to learn how to survive as a castaway.

After all, you aren’t going to have access to the best reverse osmosis system. In fact, chances are, you’ll be surrounded by lots of impossible-to-drink salt water. You won’t need to worry about how to rid your water supply of the excessive chemicals found in today’s public water sources. No, you will have far more troubling issues to attend to. Perhaps it would be a good idea to invest in a floating cooler where you can store a large amount of pre-filtered water.

How to Survive as a Castaway

Questions and Answers

Tom Hanks’ story came to life in 2012 when a fisherman went missing from a Mexican village. He is believed to have been adrift for 13 months. He was not alone on the venture, but the other young man that was with him, died of starvation, refusing to eat the birds and turtles that the surviving fisherman existed off.  Here are the questions and answers about that journey:

  • How did he survive? His initial expedition was for the purpose of hunting sharks. Therefore, he should have had lots of hardcore fishing equipment. Experts believe that the man could have lived, for a long time, on turtle, so long as he ate as much of it as possible. However, they didn’t find fishing equipment on the boat with him, so the whole thing may just be the ravings of a madman. Read about catching and cooking turtle here.
  • What did he drink? The human body is mostly aqueous. That means that we can all die within one day in dry and hot environments. We can go a good deal longer without eating, but water is a necessity. Thankfully, fishing boats generally have containers in which one could collect water when it rains. And, when necessary, urine can be ingested as well. Learn more.
  • What about the heat and the sun? Getting protection from the sun is essential to slow down the dehydration process. Obviously, we all have our own levels of tolerance, when it comes to sun exposure, but no one can endure it head on for days at a time. Be sure you have some sort of lean-to or makeshift shelter available. You might want to pack that in the floating cooler. Read this.
  • How do you keep your sanity? Most people, having been exposed to such a lengthy time alone on the water with little sign of hope, would ultimately despair and give up. However, this gentleman said that though he contemplated the thought of suicide, he chose to remain because of his personal faith. The man was confused, and his boat was littered with turtle carcasses when they found him. So, what shall we believe?

Perhaps the most poignant question for fisherman is, “Where does your faith lie?” Those who have no concern of the hereafter will have little difficulty offing themselves when the going gets too tough in a situation like this. However, those who believe in God will have a strong hope that He will eventually come to their rescue. Meanwhile, it might be a good idea to visit PurifierAdvisors to ensure that you always have the best water possible with you, whenever you’re on the boat.

Why Every Fisherman Should Have a Log Cabin

Fishing trips are great for so many reasons.  It’s great for getting out for a bit of fun in the sun, families can bond and everyone always relaxes and enjoys these sessions.  Fishing is one of the best expeditions for family fun because you can easily work in a lot of different activities such as kayaking, sightseeing, camping, horseback riding and much more in your trips.  You can have an action packed adventure by combining action sports in your trip or you can have a relaxing adventure by simply relaxing besides the lake.  If you want to get away more often and enjoy more fishing trips then it is time to get your own log cabin next to a lake.

Why Every Fisherman Should Have a Log Cabin

It’s like a second home

Owning a holiday home is much more than just a reason to get away more often.  It’s like owning a second home.  When you rent a cabin you have to abide by someone else’s rules and regulations and you have to do what everyone else says.  When you have your own log cabin you can do what you want.  You can decorate the way you like, come and go as you please and you don’t have to worry about tiding up or accidently breaking something.

You can go away whenever you like

Your own cabin don’t have to plan your trips ahead or save cash up for the trip because the log cabin is already paid for and ready for you to just arrive and enjoy.  You can enjoy a long stay or simply go for a night or two at the drop of a hat.

Earn cash by renting your cabin out

Log cabins are also a great investment because you can earn a lot of cash or cover your mortgage by renting the cabin out to other holiday enthusiasts.

Great for retiring

There is no better place to retire than next to a gorgeous lake.  With your own log cabin you don’t have to worry as much about the senior years because you are taken care of.  You can use your cottage as a retirement home and enjoy fresh air, long walks and beautiful scenery when you get older or you can rent the cottage out permanently as extra cash for when you retire.

Get inspiration from timber frame houses

Timber frame homes are some of the most beautiful homes there are.  You definitely should scout some of the timber frame plans by Streamline Design Ltd.  These homes are the perfect inspiration for the most beautiful log cabins ever.  With a gorgeous home like the ones built and designed by Streamline Design you can easily make a killing from rent or you can enjoy the ultimate luxury stay every time you go fishing.  There are an abundance of different styled timber homes to choose from and they range from small to large.  And if you still cannot find the ultimate log cabin design of your dreams then Streamline Design can design your home for you by working on your personal desires and ideas.

Fisherman’s Advice for Boat Restoration

No matter what kind of boat you own, there is always the desire to make it better, to upgrade and improve on its appearance and ability. When fishing is your number one goal, then ensuring your boat meets all those standards is the best choice. But, you will probably also want a decent looking boat that is comfortable to ride in and sit in while you await the fish of your dreams. This is why we have prepared these suggestions for your boat restoration needs. A fisherman’s advice is always welcome.

While boat restoration may include questions like, “engineered or solid hardwood which is better?” Most fisherman would suggest that you consider solid hardwood like teak for your interior. It’s an attention getting upgrade that will add value to your boat and give it a hugely nautical feel. It’s naturally weatherproof and can actually last for hundreds of years (far longer than your boat ever will).

Fisherman’s Advice for Boat Restoration

Other Boat Restoration Recommendations

Now that you understand the value of installing a teak floor in your boat, you might want to consider these other boat restoration recommendations. They can improve on functionality and appearance. Too bad they can’t help you catch more fish. Here are our additional suggestions:

  • Paint Job- Unless you are cool with your boat looking its age, you should probably invest in a decent paint job to refresh its dock appeal. Make sure you prep the boat properly before giving it a makeover. Improper preparation will lead to paint that just doesn’t stick. And, don’t forget to keep it clean and well protected after each use if you want the paint to stay looking good.
  • Electronics- Upgrading the helm is highly advisable. You want to find all those great fish out there? Then you will need top of the line electronic gear. You can clear out your electronics box to include one or two monitors that keep you abreast of everything you need to know: video feeds, engine gauges, chart plotter, fish finder, etc. Learn more about some of the best fishing gadgets.
  • Deck– We suggested you install a teak deck, but if you already have one that is looking a wee bit shabby, it’s time for a restoration job. You can send it back to a beautiful shine, or you can replace the whole thing. But you certainly don’t want a blah gray staring at you every time you are out on the water. Do you? Learn how to restore your teak deck here.
  • Outriggers and Towers– These are your heavy metal accessories. If your boat doesn’t have them then we guess you won’t have to read this section. However, if you are an all-out fisherman, we are sure you’ve got them. Clean up the outriggers to evaluate their condition. Use bronze wool and some aluminum cleaner, if they haze out after a week, it is time to replace them. Towers are really expensive to replace, so you will want to do everything you can to restore what you have instead of purchasing a new tower.

While paint jobs and teak decks won’t ensure that your fishing improves, they will improve the way you feel whenever you take the boat out. If you need help being more successful in your fishing life, read this.

Combine Your Catch with Home-Grown Sides

Every fisherman takes pride in being able to bring their catch home to their family.  Not only can fresh fish be a wonderful and healthy meal, it can also help lower overall food costs for a family.  In order to keep the theme of the meal fresh and healthy, consider starting a garden to grow fresh fruits and vegetables to accompany the main dish.  Just like fishing, maintaining a garden can serve as both a way to save money on food as well as provide a stress relieving hobby.

Combine Your Catch with Home-Grown Sides

Home Gardening

Whether you have a large yard to work with, or can only use indoor containers, growing your own fruits and vegetables can be an excellent way to provide nutritious food to your family while sticking to a budget.  Not only can you control which plants you grow, you can even control the conditions under which they are grown.

If you are interested in keeping costs as low as possible, consider using your food scrapes to create homemade compost.  Compost is an excellent way to add the natural, organic material needed to help sustain healthy plants.  The compost tumbler by Tumbleweed can make your first attempt at composting simple, or you can go the extra mile and consider building a compost bin on your own.  As the compost is formed, you can till it into ground soil to provide a nutritious base for growing fruits and vegetables, or add it to an appropriate potting soil to give it an extra boost.

Many popular vegetables are fairly easy to grow and require only a limited amount of space.  For some larger plants, such as tomatoes, dwarf varieties may be available if your space is limited.  These smaller plants allow you to plant a larger variety of items within a small garden and may also be suitable for containers.  When choosing your fruits and vegetables, especially if they will be planted outdoors, be sure a choose varieties that are designed to thrive within your particular climate or region.

Create the Sides

The easiest side dish to create with a home garden is a fresh salad.  You can keep it simple by using a limited number of ingredients, such as lettuce or other greens, tomatoes, and green onions, or expand it to include additional ingredients if your gardening space allows.

If you are looking for something warmer, consider growing a variety of squashes or zucchini that can be sautéed to create a hearty side dish that is perfect for fall.

You can even grow your own herbs to add additional flavor to the main course of the various side dishes.  Whether you want to keep it simple with some basil, rosemary, or thyme, or try your hand at growing your own garlic, a number of herbs and spices can be grown in outdoor gardens or small containers on window ledges.

Keep the Composting Cycle Going

If you want to keep the cycle going, make sure to compost any remnants from the meal, including any scrap produce or fish remains.  Be sure to take care when composting fish by having it in a secure composting tumbler container or buried underground, as this will help control the associated smell and avoid attracting animals looking for a free meal.

Best Ways for Fishermen to Stay Healthy and Fit

Everyone has their focus on good health these days.  Life is becoming tougher to balance since there is so much more in your life these days.  You have a job to take care of, family to care for, relatives to visit, friends to enjoy, pets to care for.  The list just seems to be going on and on. People today have to be far more flexible than ever before in order to balance their lives and health is usually the first thing that suffers for it.  As a fisherman you are probably one of the healthier individuals out there simply because you get a whole lot more fresh air than most workaholics and you get to break away from your stressful life more often.  You can now improve personal health just a little bit with these simple changes.

Best Ways for Fishermen to Stay Healthy and Fit

Get the best fitness and health gear

On http://www.fitnessmusthaves.com you will find all the latest health and fitness gear that will make it a lot easier to be healthy in your everyday life.  The website is packed with reviews on all the best products that will transform your life so staying healthy will come more natural.  You will find terrific articles on products such as water diffusers that will help you stay hydrated on the go and at the gym, meal prep bags that will help you be more flexible when going out and some of the most fun fitness equipment.   There are also some great coupons to claim on the page that will help you save a lot of money on your fitness and health gear.  The page is an absolute must for all fishermen who want modern and up to date information on practical products.

Eat healthier

As fishermen you probably love to eat fish which is excellent for your body.  The Omega 3 is terrific for boosting your brain and fish is low in fats and carbs which means you can indulge more without gaining weight.  A great way for fishermen to be even healthier is to stock up on some healthy fruits, veggies and nuts for fishing trips so you won’t indulge quite as much in unhealthy snacks like chips, cookies and takeaways.

Drink healthier

Fishermen are mostly associated with guys who boast around with a beer belly and lots of adventure gear.  Beer is a lot healthier than other alcoholic beverages because it contains a lot less sugar but can still cause that belly to swell due to all the ale that you are consuming.  When you go on trips try and cut back on the naughty juice by investing in some healthier fruit juices or fruity waters instead so you can look better on those fishing selfies with your latest catch.

Be active

Fishing can be a bit inactive if you are always sitting on the riverside waiting for your catch.  A great way for you to burn some calories is by trying to catch some wild fish such as tiger fish or flying fish so you can get a good and steady workout while you do what you love.