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Fishing In Cozumel? – Here Are 7 Other Adventures to Include In Your Trip

So you are planning a grand fishing expedition in Cozumel?  Well you are in for quite a treat. Cozumel is one of the top rated holiday destinations in the world because this mostly undeveloped island is absolutely glorious.  Cozumel is absolutely breathtaking and the fishing is glorious because the large reefs in this location are rich in various types of fish species.  Cozumel is a great spot for all types of fishing including fly fishing, deep sea fishing, and bottom fishing. But there is much more to this island than just fishing.  Here are 7 other adventures to include in your trip if you visit this glorious tropical island.

Fishing In Cozumel? – Here Are 7 Other Adventures to Include In Your Trip

Fishing In Cozumel? – Here Are 7 Other Adventures to Include In Your Trip


Snorkeling is at the tippy top of our list because the reefs that surround this island are absolutely breathtaking.  It is incredibly interesting to see fish species in their natural habitat and snorkeling has some pretty amazing health benefits that will keep you strong even if you indulge in way too many sweet treats on your trip.  Cozumel snorkeling tours is an absolute must if you want to have a truly mesmerizing experience.  This fantastic snorkeling tour will give you all the guidance you need, keep you safe and will take you to all the best and most beautiful reefs where you can gawk at beautiful fish species and corals.

Sail in a glass bottom boat

If snorkeling is just not for you then you simply must take a journey over the reefs in a glass bottom boat.  You can see all the beautiful fish species and reefs without setting foot in the water.  Cozumel’s waters are crystal clear and the view from these boats is absolutely amazing.

Visit the Mayan ruins

Your journey just wouldn’t be complete without vising the Mayan ruins.  This archeological site is incredibly interesting and tour guides will teach you all about ancient civilizations that once dwelled here.

Visit the Dolphinaris

Go and see how they feed dolphins, watch trained dolphins perform and perhaps even take a swim along these wondrous sea creatures.  The Dolphinaris in Cozumel is definitely worth your time.

Nachi-Cocom Beach Club

Of course your trip should include a bit of partying.  This beachfront resort has a pool, swim-up bar, and restaurant and features plenty of water sports.  It is a superb spot to have some night fun on the island.

Playa Mia Grand Beach Park

The beach park is a great spot for all sorts of watery adventures, shopping expeditions and much more.  This spot should definitely be included on your island to do list.

Mexico Park

This theme park greatly emphasizes Mexican culture.  You can enjoy plenty of great adventures like chocolate tasting, tequila tasting and much more.

Fishing is without a doubt fantastic, healthy, exhilarating and a superb hobby but there is much more to life than just fishing.  By combining your journeys with the right types of extra adventures you will create a trip that is truly unforgettable.