Spear Fishing Guide

There are many different types of fishing techniques that are available, such as hand fishing, spear fishing, netting, angling, trapping, electrofishing, use of animals such as dolphins, and many more methods. In this article, we are going to discuss spearfishing, offering you tips and spearfishing safety measures, in this ultimate spear fishing guide.

Use the Proper Gear

Choosing the proper gear for spearfishing is extremely important since it will make the experience more enjoyable, and easier for you to progress in skill and ability.

Get (and stay) in Shape

Spearfishing can be physically demanding, and this means your physical fitness increases. This means that you’ll be better able to manage the risk and to stay under water for longer periods. You can focus on an aerobic activity like bicycling, and consider using an Air Restricting Device (ARD) as part of your daily workout. Finally, there is no substitute for swimming in terms of honing your body for optimal aquatic conditioning.

Understand Buoyancy and How to Use a Weight Belt

Even though it might seem complicated, understanding buoyancy and how to use a weight belt can literally make a better spearfisherman overnight. Humans are naturally buoyant, and humans wearing wetsuits can be like corks. Without a properly weighted belt, you will have to fight to get underwater and to stay there. The energy used when fighting buoyancy uses up the valuable oxygen that you desperately need down there.

Carry a Knife

There are many reasons for carrying a cutting knife, which includes cutting yourself free from an entanglement, killing the speared fish quickly and painlessly. There are many types of dive knives, and the choice comes down to your personal preferences.

Use a Low Volume Mask

When freediving, the amount of air in the mask matters a lot. During the dive, the mask, just like the rest of the body, is subjected to a lot of pressure. If the mask has too much air inside, it could damage the divers sinuses. To purge the air, the free diver exhales into the mask through his or her nose. The higher the volume of the mask, the more air is needed to equalize the mask’s pressure. Because a low volume mask requires less air to purge, the spearfisherman increases his or her bottom time simply by using the proper mask.

Always Practice Good Speargun Etiquette

A speargun is an underwater weapon that should only be used when you’re underwater. Its safety should never be compromised with modifications, and before loading, always ensure that the safety is on. You should be able to know just how far the spear can travel when it is fired, and what is in its path. You should also be aware of the recoil to avoid broken masks, teeth, noses and other injuries. Always remember that it is a weapon.

Care for Your Gun

For the ultimate success and safety, always ensure that the gun is in excellent working order. Maintain it properly every time that you come from a dive. Rinse it in fresh water and then let it dry out in the sun, before storing it in a cool dark place. Rubbers can be stored in a refrigerator, and they should be replaced at least once a season. Always inspect the gun before a dive to ensure that everything is in great working condition.

Spear Fishing Guide

5 Must-Have Pole Spears

We are now going to review some pole spears that you might want to consider buying, since they happen to be some of the best to be found in the market.

Scuba Choice 5-inch Two Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear

If you intend to have the ultimate swimming and spear fishing experience that will bring fresh food onto your plate, you might want to get the Scuba Choice’s 5-inch Two Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear. This is a hefty and durable fiberglass model that is the perfect choice for larger fish due to the weight. It might not be the fastest one amongst them, but it is the best one for beginners.


  • Total length: 5′ (60″)
  • Pole spear material: Fiber glass
  • 3 Prong Paralyzer tip with barb: Stainless Steel, 12″ long. 8mm diameter thread
  • With Black rubber sling & bag
  • Break down length: 24″ pole + 24″ pole + 12″ Paralyzer tip

Scuba Choice One Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Fish with Lionfish Barb Tip

Lionfish are considered some of the most dangerous in waters like the Atlantic, threatening the natural habitat of the living creatures living there. There is also an increased struggle for food resources between the species. It is therefore important to hunt them down, and to do so, you would need a specialized device with features that will help pull off this deed and get that tasty fish for lunch or dinner. A pole spear with a lionfish barb like the Scuba Choice’s Fiber Glass Pole Fish is the one for the job. It decreases the possibility of your target gliding up the pole and it will help you scrape the fish into the retention tube with less effort as well. These spears are fast and effective, clutching the fish into a fixed position on top of the device. The barb tip ensures a deadly hit.


  • Total length: 4.5ft
  • Pole spear material: Fiber glass: 4ft long
  • 3 Prong Lionfish Barb tip: 6″ long.
  • Removable spear head
  • Replacement spearheads available for purchase

Riffe Fish Stringer with Quick Clip

This is not a pole spear, but it is considered to be an additional or optional equipment that is used for looping fish so that they can be immersed in water, breathing and still alive. They’re made of rope or chain and when used, the stringer is threaded through the fish’s gills then it gets drawn out via its mouth. Chain stringers come with safety pin snaps that are looped along the entire length before being attached to fish. They’re easy to use, with the Quick Clip function providing a lot of help to spearos for speedier and effortless stringing practices. It can be used on large and small fishes. The clip can also accommodate the catch on hunters’ pole spears and spearguns without hassle.  Made of metal, it guarantees longer use and more hard-wearing grip.

Scuba Choice Scuba Choice 5-ft Spearfishing Pole Spear with 1 Prong Single Barb Tip

This pole spear is made of fiberglass, making it heavier than other spears made from aluminum and carbon fiber. It is a good device to target bigger kinds of fishes, coming with a single barb tip that is capable of zipping into the target easily. Being made of fiberglass, the pole is sturdy and will last you for a longer period.


  • Total length: 5′ (60″)
  • Pole spear material: Fiber glass
  • 1 Prong single barb tip: Stainless Steel, 12″ long.
  • With Black rubber sling

Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear with 5 Prong Paralyzer Barb Tip

This Traveler Pole Spear with 5-Prong Paralyzer Tip is manufactured by Mako, and is suited towards travelers, being easily separated to make it portable. It is a tough, rust-resistant anodized aluminum pole spear, meaning that the likelihood of getting splinters from old fiberglass pole spears is zero. It comes with nifty recessed flush screws that affix the joints of the pole spear firmly and securely onto its connectors to offer an even, effortless release while fishing.

This Traveler Pole Spear with 5-Prong Paralyzer Tip features 3 interchangeable functions that enable one to choose whatever feature they require for the moment. For lionfish targets, the three-pronged barbless lionfish tip which is built for targeting lionfish and other related species is the perfect one for you.

The pole spear tips can also be affixed with a variety of spear tips made by the same company. It is also light and long-lasting.


  • Note: Mako Spearguns only sell their products direct to you, the diver. They don’t sell to resellers, nor do they authorize any resellers including PositiveThinking2. If you aren’t buying direct from Mako Spearguns, you aren’t getting a new, unused Mako Spearguns product backed by their service and support! You must click other sellers to choose Mako Spearguns as your seller!
  • 3-piece design measures a whopping 6′ 7″ and breaks down to only 27.5″ long for easy storage and travel. High strength, corrosion resistant, anodized aircraft aluminum
  • Never yields painful fiberglass splinters in the hand (like some inexpensive fiberglass pole spears do when worn down)
  • connecting joints of the Mako Spearguns Pole Spear are supported by recessed flush screw on connectors for a smooth release
  • Includes: Three interchangeable sections for 3 different pole spear lengths. One 5 prong cluster (paralyzer tip) with “sure grip” barbs on each prong. One full length Mako Spearguns Latex Power Band for 3 pc and 2 pc hunting.


You now know just about everything that you need to know about spearfishing. If you’re ready to get started, or actually already spearfish, the above pole spears are some of the best you can find, and they can transform your whole fishing experience.

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