Potential Fishing Injuries

As much as you love fishing, the feel of the wind through your hair (if you still have it) and the smell of that salt tinged water, the truth is, it can be dangerous. Yes, there are a number of potential fishing injuries. If you saw the movie (Against the Sun) about three men who crashed their plane in WWII, then you will recognize the dangers fishing (especially with a pocket knife over the side of a raft) can create. And if you didn’t see the movie, you definitely should!

Hollywood has a tendency to glamorize everything of course and, it also has the ability to downplay some things in life that could be detrimental to our health. Sure, fishing is a wholesome endeavor that we should all happily enjoy, but if we aren’t conscientious with our gear and attention, we could end up at Clifton Urgent Care getting stiches or worse.

Potential Fishing Injuries

Five Most Common Injuries While Fishing

Some of these will seem pretty normal while others will most likely make you cringe. However, these are part of a list of the most common injuries, which makes them highly possible during your own fishing escapades. Take the proper precautions and make sure you always have a first aid kit at your disposal. Then, read these:

  1. Hooking Yourself– We have all done this, probably on multiple occasions. We remember one such an occasion while fishing as children. Attempting to cast the line was still new and we chose not to follow proper instruction. The cast left us reeling in our own earlobes and screaming to high heaven.
  2. Fish Bites– Some of those little buggers you reel in will have teeth more ferocious than your pitbull’s. Keep in mind, these wee things (or huge ones) are pretty unhappy about their current circumstance and that makes them willing to take a chunk out of your finger or hand if you allow it to come anywhere near their chomping jaws. Check out some of these.
  3. Infection- Sure, hooking yourself or getting bit by a fish is painful and irritating enough, but these injuries commonly lead to infections. You could contract fish handler’s disease. Read more about that by clicking this. So, make sure you clean all your wounds thoroughly.
  4. Vengeful Fish– We know it seems far-fetched, but we have heard tell of men who allow fish to go, only to later be attacked by one quite similar to those they had previously reeled in. In fact, one man was speared through the chest by an 800 lb. marlin. Amazingly, he survived. Crazy fish injury stories can be found here.
  5. Slipping- We don’t always fish from our boats, though we could just as easily slip off one of them as well. In fact, a pastor we know ended up falling out of his boat and destroying his cell phone. But there are also those times when we fish from the docks and some of them can be quite slippery. These kinds of injuries lead to concussions and broken bones. Definitely no laughing matter even if you look quite silly doing the oh-no-I’m-about-to-fall-dance.

As with all outdoor exploits, safety is key. When you go fishing, make sure you are prepared for all the potential injuries that could ensue. And, do not forget to bring your cell phone in case the injuries need more help than Clifton Urgent Care can provide.

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