How to Survive as a Castaway

Surely most of us have seen the movie, Castaway. But how could a fisherman actually survive if he somehow lost his bearings at sea, or sunk his boat and ended up on an uninhabited island? These are the kinds of questions that avid fisherman should be asking. It is important to know how to keep yourself alive if anything out of the ordinary should arise while you’re out on the big blue fishing. It’s time to learn how to survive as a castaway.

After all, you aren’t going to have access to the best reverse osmosis system. In fact, chances are, you’ll be surrounded by lots of impossible-to-drink salt water. You won’t need to worry about how to rid your water supply of the excessive chemicals found in today’s public water sources. No, you will have far more troubling issues to attend to. Perhaps it would be a good idea to invest in a floating cooler where you can store a large amount of pre-filtered water.

How to Survive as a Castaway

Questions and Answers

Tom Hanks’ story came to life in 2012 when a fisherman went missing from a Mexican village. He is believed to have been adrift for 13 months. He was not alone on the venture, but the other young man that was with him, died of starvation, refusing to eat the birds and turtles that the surviving fisherman existed off.  Here are the questions and answers about that journey:

  • How did he survive? His initial expedition was for the purpose of hunting sharks. Therefore, he should have had lots of hardcore fishing equipment. Experts believe that the man could have lived, for a long time, on turtle, so long as he ate as much of it as possible. However, they didn’t find fishing equipment on the boat with him, so the whole thing may just be the ravings of a madman. Read about catching and cooking turtle here.
  • What did he drink? The human body is mostly aqueous. That means that we can all die within one day in dry and hot environments. We can go a good deal longer without eating, but water is a necessity. Thankfully, fishing boats generally have containers in which one could collect water when it rains. And, when necessary, urine can be ingested as well. Learn more.
  • What about the heat and the sun? Getting protection from the sun is essential to slow down the dehydration process. Obviously, we all have our own levels of tolerance, when it comes to sun exposure, but no one can endure it head on for days at a time. Be sure you have some sort of lean-to or makeshift shelter available. You might want to pack that in the floating cooler. Read this.
  • How do you keep your sanity? Most people, having been exposed to such a lengthy time alone on the water with little sign of hope, would ultimately despair and give up. However, this gentleman said that though he contemplated the thought of suicide, he chose to remain because of his personal faith. The man was confused, and his boat was littered with turtle carcasses when they found him. So, what shall we believe?

Perhaps the most poignant question for fisherman is, “Where does your faith lie?” Those who have no concern of the hereafter will have little difficulty offing themselves when the going gets too tough in a situation like this. However, those who believe in God will have a strong hope that He will eventually come to their rescue. Meanwhile, it might be a good idea to visit PurifierAdvisors to ensure that you always have the best water possible with you, whenever you’re on the boat.

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