How Get Your Wife to Agree To a Fishing Trip

There are some adventure loving women who do not mind sludgy riverbeds and camping out on tough terrains but very few women enjoy fishing trips as much as men do. They are often burdened by the trip and very reluctant to venture into the bug stricken bungalows. So how can you convince your wife to join you on a fishing trip if she is not the world’s greatest camper?

Fishing Trip

Consider going alone

Women who aren’t that keen on going on fishing trips will rather go on a journey with her friends or family than join you. Instead of declining all your friends on the trip or struggling through an enforced arrangement, why not try and compensate a bit and make a fun but separate journey for the both of you? They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and a bit of time off could be good for your relationship. Find out what she likes and book her and her friends into the best spa in the area for the weekend or spoil her and her mother a bit with a shopping voucher while you and your friends catch up a bit and enjoy your fishing adventure.

Arrange a combination holiday

If you are absolutely sure that you will not survive the weekend without your spouse then a great alternative would be to arrange a combination holiday. Book a chalet in an area that offers an abundance of mini adventures and get a few friends to tag along. This way you can spend a few days fishing and get back to the chalet at nights while she and her friends enjoy exploring other adventures like a spa day, visiting museums or beaches and tasting splendid wines. One of the greatest combination trips you can arrange is something near the sea. You can enjoy deep sea fishing and she can sip champagne on a luxury boat ride.

Negotiations are always good

Try and get your wife a bit more excited about the fishing trip by involving her in the arrangements. If she seems interested in fishing with you, then make it a great adventure for her by getting her her own fishing gear and perhaps allowing her to choose the destination or accommodation and negotiate the trips so she will also enjoy it.

A bit of bribery will get you far

If all else fail then resolve to jewelry. Shop Enrapture has a range of the finest and rarest jewelry that is sure to convince her that the trip is worth her wile or at least make her feel a bit guilty for letting you down. Remember not to make it too obvious that you are bribing her and refrain from mentioning the fishing trip till she is calmed and delighted by being spoiled and reminded of how special she is in your life. Once you are sure that she is content and absolutely in love with you, you can convince her in a calming and elegant way that a fishing trip is what you really want.

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