Fun facts about fishing and hunting day

Very few people are aware of the history and facts about national fishing and hunting day. This day is traditional and actually started in 1973. It was signed into the bill by President Nixon as way to urge all citizens to enjoy the outdoors and to teach future generations about activities that been around for years. It is no secret that hunting and fishing is important for conservation and for self-fulfillment. Here are a few interesting facts about these interactive and engaging outdoor sports that you might not have known.

Fun facts about fishing and hunting day

It is said that an average hunter spends around $1600 dollars on hunting and sports and that excise taxes paid on firearms and other equipment used for hunting and fishing benefit states and generate a lot of money for conservation. Strangely enough teenage girls are becoming the fastest growing hunting and fishing enthusiasts. There are also statistics that show that women are becoming increasingly active with target shooting. There are more than 38 million Americans that hunt and fish. Click here to take a look at some of the best spots for fishing in the US.

Hunting and fishing actually support more jobs nationwide that many major retail outlets. As a funny fact it is interesting to know that more Americans hunt than playing golf. Even though there are those that believe that firearms are dangerous it is a statistic that more accidental fatalities occur with vending machines than with guns.  With the right safety measures adhered to it can be a safe and enjoyable sport. Hunting gear sales are growing very fast in comparison to sporting goods. Believe it or not it is a fact that Americans purchase more than 1.1 billion shotgun shells every year. There are various methods of hunting and coyote hunting is pretty popular. There is a great way to make sure that you get success on your trip by taking a look at coyote calls. This website will give you the best advice on how to use calls effectively and which calls are required during which time of the day. Every hunter knows that you have to be crafty to get a coyote.

There has been a huge rise in the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses and permits. It is said that more than 44 million Americans of age six and older enjoy fishing annually. Angling gets a budget of at least $1000 per year per fisherman. A quarter of all anglers are actually women. Once again with taxes paid on angling equipment it is clear that fishermen and women pay for conservation programs. In total fishermen and women spend over 41 billion per year to fish which is great for the economy. An interesting fact is that fishermen and women spend near $300 million just on the ice and $1 billion on bait they use for fishing. Take a look here at the honorary chair for national hunting and fishing day. It is important to spend this day outdoors with your loved ones and friends and to make the most of it.

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