Fishing Tech for Your Fishing Goals

Years ago fishing was an adventure all its own. There weren’t ridiculous licenses to be had and rules as to where you could and couldn’t fish. Basically, if the site was off base it was fenced in, otherwise it was free game. If you could find the fishing hole, it was yours to take a chance on. But these days, there’s fishing tech for your fishing goals. So to stay on top of things, you’ll need to read this.

Before you go getting all the newfangled tech gadgets designed especially for fishing, you might want to take a look at computer bags and various other protected transportation modalities. Some backpacks, though designed for hiking, or hauling laptops, might actually work quite well with your fish finders and the other gadgets we will be discussing here.

Fishing Tech for Your Fishing Goals

Top Tech Gadgets for Fishing

Fishing is supposed to be a relaxing event that allows you the peace and quiet of the water world around you. It’s supposed to offer you a test in patience and anger control. And, it’s also supposed to include some exploration skills. But now, with all these additional tech gadgets, it might just get a little like everything else, over animated and too, well, technical.

However, at the risk of missing out on some incredible techy benefit, we are going to share some of the top gadgets with you now:

  1. Solaris Fatshad– We figured it’d be best to start off with a lure. Obviously all good fisherman are excited by the invention of a new lure. But this one takes the cake with 14 flashing LEDS, and an electromagnetic buzzer. The buzzer mimics the pulses an injured fish might make hoping to draw in the bigger bait.
  2. Trolling Motor Remote– Minn Kota Motors has created a trolling motor remote control. This will allow you to determine the speed of the boat’s motor while never leaving your pole or disturbing the potential fish with an eye on your lure.
  3. SmartCast- This is wearable fishing technology at its finest. It’s a watch with an antenna that somehow corresponds with sonar buoys to comb the water up to 120 feet deep. A cute fish pops up on your watch’s screen whenever one is recognized by this advanced piece of equipment. Read more about it here.
  4. Fish Activator- So apparently, the makers of this little gadget believe that fish have ears. This is because the Fish Activator claims to use digitally created noises to entice fish. Distressed bait is one such noise employed by this fish tempting invention.
  5. Aqua Vu AV Micro II- This is an underwater camera with 50 feet of camera cable. This underwater camera set up allows you to view live underwater video on a 3.5 inch LCD screen. The camera is only the size of a bottle cap so it shouldn’t be too distracting for fish in your vicinity. Read more about these options by clicking this.
  6. Fluorocarbon Fishing Line- We chose to add this one simply because it’s a neat inclusion in your tackle box. When you’re out on the water in the sweltering sun, it sometimes becomes quite challenging to actually see your line. This fishing line is designed to turn bright yellow in the sun (but only above the water) so you can always know where the lure is hanging.

If you still need some more tech gadget ideas for your next fishing venture, and to fill your new canvas backpack, read more.

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