Fishing Spots in Canada

The popular North American country known for its icy temperature, Canada has recently garnered a lot of popularity due to its excellent fishing spots. Tourists from all over the world gathers to catch magnificent sea creatures from various areas of water in the country that has multiple oceans surrounding it. Naturally, the overall experience allows the fishers to get in touch with nature, and enjoy its bounties to the fullest. Despite having a large area of land mass, the small yet effective fishing spots are enough to provide worthwhile enjoyment to any fish fanatics. Below are some wonderful fishing spots in Canada:

fishing spots in canada


The capital of the Canadian province Nova Scotia is popular to the locals for the diverseness of fishes to be found in the lakes. For example, the shores of Grand Lake, Shubenacadie, Kinsac and many more hold smallmouth trout in great amounts. Best of all, Halifax has amazing cottages that can be excellent homes in case you want to stay for the fishes. This site has a lot of options on such cottages which you can choose from.

Great Slave Lake

Being the second longest lake in Canada and the deepest in North America, the Great Slave Lake has made a name for itself for the countless trout fishes that inhabit the water. They can weigh up to thirty pound, and can be turned into delicacy by the locals. Despite having sheer cold due to the Northwestern location, the sea is always full of life. There are fishing camps and communities among the tracks made of hard ice. Don’t let the name get you down, because the availability of fishes certainly won’t.

Tobin Lake

This place might as well be called the ‘Walleye Lake’ due to the tremendous walleyes found here, in both quality and quantity. The sizes these species of freshwater pikes reach is amazing. In fact, the world record for catching the biggest walleye was set in Tobin Lake, that too by a priest. This goes to show how fishing is for anyone, and that Tobin Lake is the best place for fishing walleyes. The resorts for this lake are situated to the north of Saskatchewan.

Tree River

Just as a tree can support unlimited arboreal wildlife, the Tree River can seemingly support unlimited marine wildlife. Because the river is connected to the Arctic Ocean, fresh fishes are constantly found, with new species being locally obtained every day. Arctic char, a rare type of salmon, is found in these parts situated in the northern Nunavut province. The homely camps placed at the shores will provide shelter as you take break from fishing.

Crow Lake

Perhaps the wildest place in Canada for professional hunters. From deer hunting to bear baiting, the Crow Lake (or sometimes called ‘Kakagi Lake’) is a natural place filled with natural monsters. There is no exception in the waters as well, as record-breaking bass, muskies and whitefish were reported to have been caught here. The woods is near the Hudson Bay and doubles as an elegant tourist attraction.

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