Fishing Gear Must Haves for Basic Kayak Fishing

Fishing from kayak is a lot more fun and more functional than fishing from the shoreline.  When you fish from your kayak you can explore a lot more, you get to enjoy beautiful scenery and you can seek out all of the fish hotspots to improve your chances of making a catch.  Fishing from kayak is also a bit more of a challenge because you have to balance yourself on your kayak while wheeling in that big catch without tipping over.  The only downside to kayak fishing is that the space is quite limited.  You need to pack light when going on a fishing expedition so you can be more flexible on your kayak.  Here is the top gear you should have on your kayak.

Fishing Gear Must Haves for Basic Kayak Fishing

Fish finder

A fish finder is a small device that sends out sound waves into the water.  These sound waves are transmitted back to the kayak once they bounce against an object in the water.  The GPS fish finder will then show you the shape, size and depth of the object that is underneath the kayak which will enable you to target areas in the water that has plenty of fish.  And because it is GPS you will always know where you are headed when you are paddling for long distances. Fish finders are small enough to fit onto even the smallest of kayaks and will greatly improve your chances of landing a good catch each time you venture onto the depths of the water.

Fishing rod

A good fishing rod is a must.  For ocean fishing you can get a nice and tall rod but for lake or river fishing a shorter rod is a much better choice since swing space is often limited and you can easily get caught in branches.

Tackle box

Your tackle box should be compact but should have enough space to contain all the tackle, hooks and more that you may need for your fishing expeditions.  You can visit the Outdoor Tricks site to scout some of the best tackle boxes currently on the market and to see some reviews on all of the available tackle boxes and other fishing gear.


Bait can lure in a lot of fish to your location which greatly improves the chances of getting a good catch.  You should have a small box of fresh bait on your kayak.

Fishing net

Fishing nets will help you get large fish out of the water and onto your kayak without breaking your fishing rod or tipping over on your kayak.

Fish basket

There probably isn’t room for fish on your kayak.  A fishing basket will allow you to drag your catch along the side of the kayak which will keep your fish fresh so you don’t have to row in every time you get a fish.


You probably need a few memories of your fun expedition.  A good waterproof camera will allow you to be as flexible as you need to on the water.  You can capture photos of your catch as well as the glorious scenery.

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