Fishing as A Way of Creating Balance Between Work and Personal Life

In the pursuit of successful careers we can get carried away until we forget about our personal lives. Truth is true happiness can only be achieved when we are able to create a balance between work and personal lives. We need time to reconnect with ourselves and things we love to experience mindfulness and inner fulfillment. Good news is that it is easy to achieve that, we only need to engage in a hobby outside work or try something new, one of the things we can do is fishing. Ways in which fishing can help includes:

Can help us connect with nature

Yes, fishing is one of the ways of connecting with nature. We can enjoy some fresh air by the waters and the peace that comes with water flow. Since fishing mostly happens away from the busy urban setting, we can get to enjoy all the benefits of nature, peace, calmness, fresh air, some sunshine. They are beneficial to our body and will help in distressing to achieve inner peace. With fishing you will get to know about the different kinds of fish in the water which will help us to appreciate nature.


Can help us exercise

Fishing is a form of exercise whether you believe it or not. Casting the rod in the water to fish is a way of exercising our body; it helps not only to exercise our arms but the whole body as well and does body toning. Most of the time fishing does not happen in one spot and one will have to walk around for some proceeds., the walking is a form of exercise too. Fishing is a great way of burning calories and helps to improve cardiovascular health. The acrobatic maneuvers help one to create balance which uses the core strength and helps in improving flexibility.

Helps to develop patience and self-reliance

With fishing you have to be patient to be successful, it is highly unlikely that you will just cast a rod and hook a fish. Patience is important in many areas of our lives and will largely contribute to our success. Patience makes us to be calmer and content which is an important attribute for success.

With fishing you have to be self-reliant, there are no certain tricks; you have to work it out to make it. Self-reliance is an important skill you need in life to succeed. Sometimes relying on others may greatly disappoint.


As we have seen above, engaging in other activities that are not work related is very important for success. They equip us with skills that we can apply in our workplace for more success. Most successful people are able to maintain a balance between work and personal life. An example is Moti Ferder, if he would not be able to create a balance between his diamond business and his personal life we would not be seeing him out there in big events.

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