Fishing, an age old tradition

Everybody has been on a fishing trip at least once in their lives before. One of the most traditional and fun weekend activities you can find. Some fishermen say that it isn’t really about the catch, it is more about the relaxation while sitting at the side of the river, waiting for a bite. For some it is more serious than that, with specific types of fishing tackle, bait and other accessories. It is your choice how far down the rabbit hole you would like to go with your fishing experience. Here are a couple of tips that will enhance your fishing trip and perhaps ensure a bite or two.

Fishing, an age old tradition

Tie the right knot

The worst thing that can happen is after a day of staring at a steady line, getting that first bite and as soon as you start reeling it in the line snaps. Do some research on rigging the line right and try your best not to lose your first catch. Take a look here at different knots to tie.

Your lure should look natural

Be sure to move your lure naturally, it should look like the real thing for the fish to actually be attracted to it. Don’t go too fast or too slow. Find just the right speed to lure the fishes in.

Change the depth when you cast your line

If you see that you are having no luck in a particular spot, choose another to cast your line in. There are days that the fish might be swimming around in deep water and sometimes shallow. Every day will be different depending on the weather and other factors.

Practice different casting techniques

Don’t use the same method for casting every time. Look up all the different successful methods to cast the best line and try a few till you find what works best for you. There are a lot of specialists on the internet that offer great advice to beginners.

If you are going for the weekend or a longer period of time be sure to take the right items to make your camping experience fun too.

Pack the right camping gear to make the most of your trip

Gone fishing before? You will know that fishing is a game of patience. Pack your camping gear in case you decide to spend the night. That would include your tent, sleeping bag and all other amenities that are required. Be prepared for mosquito bites with a good repellant or take a look at the best mosquito trap to make sure you have a good night’s sleep that will prepare you for another day of fishing. Lastly but probably the most important advice, take a sunhat and some sun block, it is incredibly dangerous to spend the whole day in the sun while waiting for that illusive bite. Cover yourself and don’t turn your weekend into a nasty experience with painful sunburn to deal with after. Read more about the dangers of sunburn.

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