Fisherman’s Advice for Boat Restoration

No matter what kind of boat you own, there is always the desire to make it better, to upgrade and improve on its appearance and ability. When fishing is your number one goal, then ensuring your boat meets all those standards is the best choice. But, you will probably also want a decent looking boat that is comfortable to ride in and sit in while you await the fish of your dreams. This is why we have prepared these suggestions for your boat restoration needs. A fisherman’s advice is always welcome.

While boat restoration may include questions like, “engineered or solid hardwood which is better?” Most fisherman would suggest that you consider solid hardwood like teak for your interior. It’s an attention getting upgrade that will add value to your boat and give it a hugely nautical feel. It’s naturally weatherproof and can actually last for hundreds of years (far longer than your boat ever will).

Fisherman’s Advice for Boat Restoration

Other Boat Restoration Recommendations

Now that you understand the value of installing a teak floor in your boat, you might want to consider these other boat restoration recommendations. They can improve on functionality and appearance. Too bad they can’t help you catch more fish. Here are our additional suggestions:

  • Paint Job- Unless you are cool with your boat looking its age, you should probably invest in a decent paint job to refresh its dock appeal. Make sure you prep the boat properly before giving it a makeover. Improper preparation will lead to paint that just doesn’t stick. And, don’t forget to keep it clean and well protected after each use if you want the paint to stay looking good.
  • Electronics- Upgrading the helm is highly advisable. You want to find all those great fish out there? Then you will need top of the line electronic gear. You can clear out your electronics box to include one or two monitors that keep you abreast of everything you need to know: video feeds, engine gauges, chart plotter, fish finder, etc. Learn more about some of the best fishing gadgets.
  • Deck– We suggested you install a teak deck, but if you already have one that is looking a wee bit shabby, it’s time for a restoration job. You can send it back to a beautiful shine, or you can replace the whole thing. But you certainly don’t want a blah gray staring at you every time you are out on the water. Do you? Learn how to restore your teak deck here.
  • Outriggers and Towers– These are your heavy metal accessories. If your boat doesn’t have them then we guess you won’t have to read this section. However, if you are an all-out fisherman, we are sure you’ve got them. Clean up the outriggers to evaluate their condition. Use bronze wool and some aluminum cleaner, if they haze out after a week, it is time to replace them. Towers are really expensive to replace, so you will want to do everything you can to restore what you have instead of purchasing a new tower.

While paint jobs and teak decks won’t ensure that your fishing improves, they will improve the way you feel whenever you take the boat out. If you need help being more successful in your fishing life, read this.

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