Finding the Right Branch in Fishing and Real Estate

As every fisherman knows, finding the right brook, stream, or special spot in your local lake is essential to your success and is the secret that puts you over the top in a competition. Just like when you are fishing, real estate brokers similarly need to find the best “spot” to succeed.  Often for both new and experienced real estate brokers the secret spot is a corporate real estate brokerage company.  The key is to select the right company for your area to make sure your skills and “bait” work to make you money.

Branch in Fishing and Real Estate

When trying to determine the Best real estate companies in Toronto there is only one choice: Right At Home. Proudly Canadian owned and operated, this brokerage company is deeply invested in their realtors, both new and veterans, providing the tools to reel in business.  The corporate brokerage model offers significant benefits over the franchise model including eliminating the pesky high office fees. Indeed, there are no franchises, fax/copier, institutional advertising, or internet/technology fees. With Right At Home, the only catches are your clients. Every Right At Home realtor earns 100% commission on every deal. Just like in fishing, there are no splits. There are no hidden fees in fine print. You pay just the monthly fee and 275 per transaction. It is these simple formulae that have enabled Right At Home to grow from a startup company in 2004 to the market leader.


Right At Home strongly believes that keeping the realtor the top priority in the real estate brokerage company has enabled it to become the market leader it is today.  In fact, as the largest independently-owned corporate real estate brokerage company, Right at Home is able to provide great resources including legal counsel available to answer any questions pertaining to a residential real estate issue.


If you are just beginning your career in the exciting world of real estate, Right at Home has crafted the Right At Home University, which offers a vast array of training programs and workshops designed by some of the top certified instructors in the real estate sector. Right At Home University also provides advanced instructors so that experienced professionals can learn and polish existing skills to their utmost.


Becoming a successful realtor is like becoming a great fisherman. It requires the practitioner to learn skills from a seasoned veteran and then hone those skills through practice. No successful fisherman becomes great on their own and neither does a realtor. With Right At Home, you do not have to learn on your own or surrender your profits to various fees and commissions. Right At Home works with you every step of the way with dedication and commitment to help you succeed. Through this brokerage company, you can learn where the secret spot on the lake is and make the great catch of your dreams.


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