Feeding Koi Fish the Right Way

If you have just set up a pond in your garden, you know that adding some fish can be a good way to make it natural. The best type of fish that you can have is the Koi fish. There are a lot of people who love them because they symbolize a lot of good things. They are also generally easy to have. Yet there are some people who are still unable to take care of them well because they are overfed. Knowing how many times Koi fish would need to be fed can be important.

Feeding Koi Fish the Right Way

How to know if Koi is Overfed

How will you know if the Koi fish that you have in your backyard is overfed? You can usually tell based on the way that they look. Instead of looking like normal fish, they will somewhat resemble tadpoles because of their large tummies. Koi will eat whenever there is food available and this is not always good for them.

While overfeeding is not particularly bad in the beginning especially if it would be stopped at the soonest possible time, it might lead to complications after some time. It will usually target the liver and when it does, Koi fish will die.

Feeding Koi

Now that you have an idea if your Koi fish is overfed, you have to remember that you are only recommended to feed Koi about 3 times a day. You should only feed enough in order to sustain all of your fish. Of course, the more fish you have the more food that you will give to your fish.

When the weather is cool, you are only recommended to feed your Koi fish once because feeding them too much when the weather is cool will make them overfed. If there is already a lot of fish food that is floating on water, this is a bad sign. This surely means that you are over feeding your Koi. You can actually get to know more about feeding you fish from here.

Feeding Other Wildlife

Aside from koi fish, you may also be feeding birds that you would like to see in your garden. You may even want to feed squirrels although you have set some boundaries up to where they can go in fear that they might enter your home and they may wreak havoc whenever they are able to enter. You have to remember that when you are feeling confused about feeding, you can always check out http://feedingnature.com. You can be pretty sure that you will have the right tips and ideas on how to feed the wildlife in your garden.

Now that you already know how to take care of the animals that you have in your garden, you can be sure that you will be living a great and happy life with them. Aside from making your garden look amazing, you will also allow animals to thrive well inside your very own home. This can be a good situation for your own home.

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