Combine Your Catch with Home-Grown Sides

Every fisherman takes pride in being able to bring their catch home to their family.  Not only can fresh fish be a wonderful and healthy meal, it can also help lower overall food costs for a family.  In order to keep the theme of the meal fresh and healthy, consider starting a garden to grow fresh fruits and vegetables to accompany the main dish.  Just like fishing, maintaining a garden can serve as both a way to save money on food as well as provide a stress relieving hobby.

Combine Your Catch with Home-Grown Sides

Home Gardening

Whether you have a large yard to work with, or can only use indoor containers, growing your own fruits and vegetables can be an excellent way to provide nutritious food to your family while sticking to a budget.  Not only can you control which plants you grow, you can even control the conditions under which they are grown.

If you are interested in keeping costs as low as possible, consider using your food scrapes to create homemade compost.  Compost is an excellent way to add the natural, organic material needed to help sustain healthy plants.  The compost tumbler by Tumbleweed can make your first attempt at composting simple, or you can go the extra mile and consider building a compost bin on your own.  As the compost is formed, you can till it into ground soil to provide a nutritious base for growing fruits and vegetables, or add it to an appropriate potting soil to give it an extra boost.

Many popular vegetables are fairly easy to grow and require only a limited amount of space.  For some larger plants, such as tomatoes, dwarf varieties may be available if your space is limited.  These smaller plants allow you to plant a larger variety of items within a small garden and may also be suitable for containers.  When choosing your fruits and vegetables, especially if they will be planted outdoors, be sure a choose varieties that are designed to thrive within your particular climate or region.

Create the Sides

The easiest side dish to create with a home garden is a fresh salad.  You can keep it simple by using a limited number of ingredients, such as lettuce or other greens, tomatoes, and green onions, or expand it to include additional ingredients if your gardening space allows.

If you are looking for something warmer, consider growing a variety of squashes or zucchini that can be sautéed to create a hearty side dish that is perfect for fall.

You can even grow your own herbs to add additional flavor to the main course of the various side dishes.  Whether you want to keep it simple with some basil, rosemary, or thyme, or try your hand at growing your own garlic, a number of herbs and spices can be grown in outdoor gardens or small containers on window ledges.

Keep the Composting Cycle Going

If you want to keep the cycle going, make sure to compost any remnants from the meal, including any scrap produce or fish remains.  Be sure to take care when composting fish by having it in a secure composting tumbler container or buried underground, as this will help control the associated smell and avoid attracting animals looking for a free meal.

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