California Contractors Insurance

A verified contractor would always be insured and would always have a contractor’s bond, as without those 2, it is almost impossible for contractors to get hired. No matter who the client may be, corporations, subcontractors, homeowners, etc., a contractor won’t find work without proper verification and without proper insurance. Contractors living in California, for example, need to have a California contractors insurance to assure the clients that may hire them that they will be protected from many different disasters that might occur during the job.

California Contractors Insurance

California Contractors Insurance Service

This insurance service specializes in general liability insurances and license bonds for California contractors. One should never take these things for granted, and these people know that, having worked in this field long enough. The service that they deliver is fast and reliable, and they have also worked with several big insurance companies, meaning that they can deliver an excellent service at astoundingly low rates.

The California Contractors Insurance Service has more than 25,000 licensed contractors, a feat that has taken them over 30 years to accomplish. They always try to do to make their clients comfortable and to provide them with the lowest rates possible.

Think CCIS

A family owned insurance brokerage that has been operating since 1992, it has served contractors for as long as they can remember. They provide a satisfying service, that that is exclusively for medium and small sized contractors, developers, and general contractors. They have several years of experience in this field, which makes them able instructors to guide those who are new to find the right combinations of coverage, type of insurance, and of price.

They offer custom programsthat can give you specific coverage according to your needs at the lowest prices; superior service, as they know what they are doing and you can trust their friendly and accessible services; quick response, as they will deal with your request as quickly as possible; and finally, competitive rates.


Their general liability insurance for contractors guards company owners and operators from claims that may tarnish their reputation. These claims could be almost anything, as such as contractual liability, accidents that may cause liabilities, etc. They take into account the differences in the types of liabilities, as that will impact the cost of the contractor general liability insurance.

They provide different types of coverage aside from just contractor’s general liability insurance, as such as garage liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, commercial insurance, trucking, contractors insurance, auto and personal insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, excess and umbrella insurance, among many others.

Bottom Line

A contractor’s insurance is one of the most important things for a contractor to have if they want to get hired. In most cases, contractors without insurances and bonds do not get hired, as it is unsure whether they are trustworthy or not. These insurances and bonds protect both the client and the contractor from any liabilities that may occur, as one never knows what may happen. That said, if one is looking for contractor insurances in California, this article will be able to point you in the right direction.

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