Build a Tree House to Live in During Fishing Trips

Fishing trips are usually associated with minimalist holidays because all you need for a basic fishing expedition is some bait, tackle, your fishing rod and a few cool drinks.  A fancy and exciting fishing trip also includes a cozy sleep quarter, friendship, delicious barbeques and perhaps a kayak.  And if you want to make basic casual fishing trips even better then you can switch to better accommodation and what better accommodation can there be than a treehouse?  Treehouses have always been considered as a play area for children but recently the interest in treehouses gained popularity and today lots of cute even luxury treehouses can be found all over the world.

Build a Tree House to Live in During Fishing Trips

Why a treehouse can be fun for fishing trips

With your own treehouse you can afford more fishing expeditions because you have a dedicated living space for your trip.  Treehouses are also great for inspiring the rest of the family to go with you on these trips because let’s face it; who wouldn’t love to live in a treehouse?  Children would absolutely love the extra adventure and your wife would absolutely adore the whimsicality of a treehouse.

Buy property near a dam or lake

The first thing you will have to do is look for property near a dam, lake or water so you can be as close to the water and fishing source as possible but always remember to look for that special tree when you are scouting property.

Use Tree Surgeons to get the right cut

Before starting your treehouse you should get your tree and surrounding trees prepped.  Tree Surgeons WA is a professional tree cutting company that can get any tree trimmed according to your needs.  They can also help you with the removal of other unwanted trees and they can get your tree treated for any diseases or infestations that it may have.  They are also terrific for keeping your tree trimmed in the future to prevent damage to your treehouse.

Learn to build your treehouse

Different states have different rules and regulations regarding constructions and buildings.  Find out if you need to get house plans for your treehouse approved.  Once you have your approval, it will be time to start looking for ideas for your treehouse and to get the house plans drawn up.  If you are going to build your treehouse you then you will have to start learning and studying on the best treehouse building techniques.  Your tree’s strength will greatly affect the design of your treehouse because if the tree is too thin or weak, you will have to add additional support beams to keep the tree from getting damaged.

Time for action

Now that you have done your research and have shopped your goods it will be time to start constructing.  Constructing your treehouse can be great fun when you do it as a family and you and everyone that helped you will always have good memories to enjoy from such an unusual fishing trip.

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