Boost Your Memory with Fish

We know you love to fish. You don’t care how early you have to get up, if it means the potential for hooking a good one. And, most die-hard fisherman are just as ok with fishing from land as they are putting out to sea on a great boating excursion. Of course, there are some preferences, but fishing for fishing’s sake is at the forefront of your thought. So, now we’d like to add an additional consideration, the fact that you can boost your memory with fish.

Memory is a necessary tool for survival. Think about how deeply your heart goes out to those dealing with dementia. The idea that those you love, that the things you love, will one day bring no recollection to you even as they sit there before your eyes, is terrifying. So, protecting the brain’s ability to maintain both short and long term memory is essential to life success. Nootropic Studio is a great source of information for your memory boosting and concentration enhancing supplement needs.

Boost Your Memory with Fish

So, What about Fish?

As a fishing expert, you are probably wondering when we are going to discuss the value of fish on your memory. Well, it might not be what you were expecting. The truth is, fish, the non-fried variety, when eaten regularly may prevent your brain from damage that leads to stroke or dementia.

This is particularly useful for older adults. We recommend that you start looking up great recipes for baked or broiled fish. In fact, if you will follow this link, you’ll have access to some incredible suggestions that will be both yummy and good for your brain at the same time.

The Research

Researchers, who were compiling an article for Neurology, discovered that older adults whose diets consisted of fish with high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids were less likely to develop certain brain issues. The brain problems known as “silent” brain lesions, which are contributors to vascular stroke and cognitive decline, were less likely in those who ate fish three or more times a week.

The words, brain lesion, are pretty scary in and of themselves, but the results are even worse. “Silent” lesions appear in people who haven’t had any other scary health episodes like strokes or mini-strokes. They are actually quite common as we age. Essentially, they are just areas of the brain that get damaged due to lack of blood flow there. They’re known to negatively impact memory and thinking. Learn more.

Researchers studied the MRI’s of 3600 people who were over the age of 65. These people had no history of cerebrovascular disease. Then, five years later, the researchers rescanned 2313 of those same individuals. These were the people that had agreed to a follow-up. They asked questions about their diets, specifically about the amount of fish in their diets.

The Results

Results showed that those eating the types of, and amounts of, fish we discussed previously, had a 26% lower risk of developing those “silent” brain lesions. And, even those who chose to only eat fish once a week saw benefits. They had a 13% lower risk. The key is avoiding fried-fish and ingesting more of the baked and broiled kind.

So, fish away and eat what you catch. Especially if it’s high in Omega-3 fatty acids. You always knew fishing was good for you. Now there’s proof! If you need more, click this.

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